Flow34: Virtual Cinema

Flow34: Virtual Cinema and Podcasts

A stream for innovative audio and/or visual contributions.

Flow34 - Edition 2023

Flow34 aims to stimulate the use of a broader range of modes for the communication of academic knowledge, complementing conference papers and oral presentations with creative audio and/or visual work. The stream features videos and podcasts that integrate academic and aesthetic dimensions, and that use sound and/or image creatively to communicate academic knowledge.

The videos and podcasts remain accessible online.

The Flow34 works are arranged in five thematic clusters: 1. Logics of representation, 2. Death, religion, and militarism, 3. Identity, gender, and ethnicity, 4. Ageing and Ageism and 5. Space: Transformations and Boundaries.

Read about them and watch the videos below.

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Logics of representation

This cluster involves two visual presentations that focus on colonial photographic images, and the changes and transformations in public service broadcasting.

Anós I ba kim?

by Maria Kowalski, ICNOVA (NOVA Institute of Communication), Portugal

Changing the radio journalism: A short documentary on Czech Radio and podcasts

by Matej Skalicky, Charles University, Czech Republic

Participants: Jaroslav Pokorný, Damiana Smetanová, Josef Tuka (Czech Radio) and Daniel Dolenský (freelance translator)


Death, religion, and militarism

The death, religion, and militarism panel involves three videos exploring the myth of the moral superiority of the military over civilians, grieving after a profound loss, and memories being stored, manifested, re-lived, and transmitted.

Scenes from the extreme right in Brazil: The fusion of militarism and religiosity values

by Pedro Pinto de Oliveira, Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil

Nothing Echoes Here

by Jimmy Hay, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

The Moments When We Freeze: Working with Family Archive through Reenactment

by Anastasiya Maksymchuk, Lusófona University, Lisbon


Identity, gender, and ethnicity

The identity, gender, and ethnicity panel involves two videos and two audio works tracing the development of feminist identity, exploring the barrier of systemic racism, questioning the degrees of human-algorithmic interactions, and focusing on contemporary literature from the perspective of African British women writers.

Black Expats and the Re(formation) of Black Identity

by Nandi Pointer, University of Colorado - Boulder, United States

The Egyptian Female Podcasters Podcast Series

by Kim Fox, American University in Cairo, Egypt

How have the internet and multidisciplinary art forms informed/shaped the writing of contemporary Black British women writers, and how is it creating a new language of self-discovery?

by Adjoa Wiredu, University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Black Bloc versus Black Box

by Renée Ridgway, Aarhus University, Denmark

Ageing and Ageism

This cluster involves three videos bringing aging and ageism into focus from different perspectives and within various contexts.

Exploring creative and cultural participation of older minoritised adults through collaborative video production

by Tot Foster, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

In collaboration with Fanny Eaton-Hall, Roland Payne, Elanora Ferry, Erica Harrison, Ruth Harrison, Clare Finnimore, Anne Su, Amy Lo, Lisa Wan and Jeanne Ellin.

‘Encapsulating’ Experience: Stories of Digital Exclusion

by Constance Lafontaine and Kim Sawchuk, Concordia University, Canada

Zoom Zoom: Older adults, community organizations and the digital challenge

by Kim Sawchuk and Samuel Thulin, ACTLab, Concordia University, Canada

Space: Transformations and Boundaries

The three video presentations in the Space: Transformations and Boundaries panel interpret the emptiness, abandonment, contestations, conversations, and transformations of different spaces in different contexts.

Tekel Raum

by Simber Atay, Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty, Türkiye


by Kayla Parker (University of Plymouth, England) and Stuart Moore (University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom)

Mural to Kampung

by Ali Minanto, Charles University, Czech Republic

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