Raman, Usha - Endorsements

Name: Marjan de Bruin
Affiliation: University of the West Indies, retired
Country: Jamaica

I hereby wish to nominate Usha Raman, Professor, Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad (India) for the position of Vice President (VP) of IAMCR and to be a member of IAMCR‘s International Council (IC). If these two positions do not go together for nomination I would choose the position of VP.

I have known Professor Raman for years and have always been impressed by her depth of knowledge, strong way of presenting, pleasant inter-personal exchanges and originality when solutions had to be sought.

Name: Kanchan Malik
Affiliation: University of Hyderabad
Country: India

I can say with full confidence that she will be an asset for IAMCR as an IC member, and a sincere and dedicated VP. Her experience of organizing IAMCR in India in 2014 also strengthens her ability to contribute to the vision and mission of the organization.

Name: Devina Sarwatay
Affiliation: University of Hyderabad
Country: India

Prof. Usha Raman is a brilliant researcher, a generous teacher, and one of the kindest people I know. She is eloquent, empathetic, and tends to see as well as bring out the best in people around her. This is why we need her in a leadership role in IAMCR. While the world debates about goals like bettering access, inclusion, diversity, equity, respect, and reciprocity, Prof. Raman actively and unassumingly works towards these goals by practising them in her everyday life. Early career researchers and scholars from the Global South especially, along with everyone else will have a better shot at these goals with leaders like Prof. Raman at the helm who support their fellow colleagues and students tirelessly. I strongly endorse her candidature for Vice President and International Council and encourage everyone to vote for her.

Candidate for: 
Vice President