Mission and mandate of the IAMCR Publication Committee

  1. The Publication Committee’s mandate is to foster the circulation and exchange of 'Knowledges and Insights' that emerge from the intellectual work of the Association.

  2. The Publication Committee has also a mandate to keep track and publicize (through the IAMCR announcement list and other relevant channels) all publication-related activities emerging from the IAMCR membership.

  3. The Publication Committee takes responsibility in coordinating and/or providing editorial support to publication projects that are developed by IAMCR members. This relates to:

  4. The Publication Committee works to foster linguistic and cultural diversity in/through publication activities and to promote better connection between IAMCR and regional academic association, particularly in a South-North perspective, by means of information exchange and cooperation on matters related to the circulation of knowledge and scholarly contributions.

  5. The Publication Committee is committed to investigate opportunities and options to promote Open Access to IAMCR publication activities.

  6. The PC should guarantee that all publication-related activities within the Association are presented, and related information is made accessible, in a consistent manner through the IAMCR website.

Guidelines and Governance Structures

The Publication Committee operates under a set of guidelines adopted by the International Council in April 2015. The guidelines setout the structures, responsibilities and obligations of various IAMCR bodies in relation to publications, including books, book series, post-conference publications and Section and Working Group journals.

Download the Publications Guidelines and Governance Structures (PDF)

Composition of the Publication Committee


Maria Michalis [contact]

Committee members:

Luis Albornoz - lalborno[at]hum.uc3m.es
Denize Araujo - denizearaujo[at]hotmail.com
Marjan de Bruin - marjandebruin[at]gmail.com
Sarah Cardey - s.p.cardey[at]reading.ac.uk
Changfeng Chen - fengchen5266[at]vip.163.com
Joe Khalil - jkhalil[at]northwestern.edu
Levi Obonyo - lobonyo[at]daystar.ac.ke
Claudia Padovani - claudia.padovani[at]unipd.it
Pradip Thomas - pradip.thomas[at]uq.edu.au
Janet Wasko - jwasko[at]uoregon.edu
Usha Raman (EB liaison) - usha.raman[at]gmail.com

Publication Committee Reports