IAMCR Ambassadors' Network

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The International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) initiated the IAMCR Ambassadors’ Network in 2015, establishing a global network of ambassadors to represent and promote the Association across various countries and regions.  Since its launch, the network has seen continuous growth with the inclusion of new IAMCR Faculty Ambassadors and PhD Ambassadors from around the world. IAMCR faculty ambassadors are senior/experienced scholars, and IAMCR PhD ambassadors are PhD students or early-stage scholars without a university appointment.

IAMCR Ambassadors are a passionate community of volunteers who creatively promote the mandate and distinctiveness of IAMCR as an international association of communication and media scholars. They also actively engage and support IAMCR members in their respective countries or regions.

Ambassadors proactively explore opportunities to expand IAMCR's footprint within their country or region, utilizing strategies such as publicity, events, and other strategies that will build and retain the Association's membership and reputation. These can include working with university departments, local and regional communication and media research bodies and think tanks and NGOs involved in media advocacy and research.

IAMCR Ambassadors are chosen for their creativity, initiative and independence, as well as their connection with the academic community, their knowledge of IAMCR and the objectives as outlined in their strategic plans. Ambassadors serve three-year terms, maintaining direct communication with the coordinator of the Ambassadors’ Network and IAMCR entities (EB, IC, C/TF/C, S/WG, etc.).

To facilitate communication among IAMCR Ambassadors, a dedicated IAMCR Ambassadors’ Facebook Group has been established, serving as a platform for sharing information about their activities with the wider IAMCR membership.

For those interested in joining this dynamic network, please refer to the article "Become an IAMCR Ambassador" or contact Mazlum Kemal Dağdelen, the coordinator of the IAMCR Ambassadors’ Network and the assistant of Nico Carpentier, IAMCR president, for more information.

Meet the ambassadors

IAMCR currently has 17 faculty ambassadors from Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Türkiye, Uzbekistan and Zambia, and nine PhD ambassadors from China, Czech Republic, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain, USA and Thailand. Each ambassador has a page where you can see their profile and read about their plans.

Open Call for Ambassadors

The International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) invites its members to become IAMCR Ambassadors for their country or region for a period of three years. IAMCR members can apply to become an IAMCR Faculty Ambassador or to become an IAMCR PhD Ambassador.

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