Structure & Organisation

IAMCR governing bodies include: a General Assembly, an International Council, and an Executive Board.

The General Assembly takes place during the biennial IAMCR Congresses and it is the main decision making body. The International Council is composed of elected members (half by the membership and half by Sections). The International Council meets annually during IAMCR's conferences and debates key issues online throughout the year. It has recently adopted Guidelines for Electronic Voting.

The Executive Board comprises the President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary General and a Treasurer elected by members for four-year terms.

The Statutes and Standing Orders (Bylaws) governing IAMCR are available on this website. The informal organisation of IAMCR relies on the good will and energy of its members who are active in Sections and Working Groups and on various standing committees, task forces, and commissions. Standing Committees are permanent bodies of the International Council with remits aimed at fulfilling key ongoing tasks within the organisation. Task Forces or Ad hoc committees are permanent or temporary bodies of the International Council that fulfil other purposes. Executive Board Commissions are entities that are mandated by the Executive Board to provide support in relation to a particular set of tasks defined by the Executive Board. The Executive Board is accountable to the International Council for the work of the Advisory Commissions.

The association's elected office holders encourage open debate among members regarding association affairs and active participation in related discussions online and offline. Officers see themselves as facilitators of intellectual engagement and policy related activities that are at the heart of IAMCR.

IAMCR members are organised in Sections and Working Groups and members can join up to five of them without any additional membership fees. Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Co-Chairs of Sections and Working Group are elected by their members according to the procedures outlined in the Section and Working Groups Election Rules.