Committees and Task Forces 2020-2021

IAMCR has various standing committees, task forces, and commissions.

Standing Committees are permanent bodies of the International Council with remits aimed at fulfilling key ongoing tasks within the organisation.

Task Forces or Ad hoc committees are permanent or temporary bodies of the International Council that fulfil other purposes.

Executive Board Commissions are entities that are mandated by the Executive Board to provide support in relation to a particular set of tasks defined by the Executive Board. The Executive Board is accountable towards the International Council for the work of the Commissions.

Standing Committees

  • Environmental Impact Committee
    Chair: Graham Murdock [contact]
    Vice-Chairs: Bene Brevini, Alana Mann and Jeremy Swartz
    Members: Anabela Carvalho, Julie Doyle, Kerrie Foxwell-Norton, Anders Hansen, Sadia Jamil, Tawana Kupe, Chris Paterson and Gerard Goggin (EB liaison)
  • Finance Committee
    Chair: Elske van de Fliert [contact]
    Members: Beate Josephi, Robin Mansell and Sandra Ristovska
  • Legal Committee
    Chair: Philippe Maarek [contact]
    Members: Adilson Cabral, Anastasia Grusha, Friedrich Krotz, Stefania Milan, Jo Pierson, Cees J. Hamelink (Honorary permanent member) and Nico Carpentier (EB liaison)
  • Membership Committee
    Chair: Helena Sousa [contact]
    Members: Yik Chan Chin, Olesya Venger, Leah Jerop Komen, Jude William Genilo, Valeria Zamisch (IAMCR Secretariat) and Andrea Medrado (EB liaison)
  • Publications Committee
    Chair: Maria Michalis [contact]
    Members: Luis Albornoz, Denize Araujo, Marjan de Bruin, Sarah Cardey, Changfeng Chen, Joe Khalil, Levi Obonyo, Claudia Padovani, Pradip Thomas, Janet Wasko and Usha Raman (EB liaison)
  • Scholarly Review Committee
    Chair: Thomas Jacobson [contact]
    Members: Aimée Vega Montiel, John Sinclair, Robin Mansell, Jo Pierson, Kaarle Nordenstreng, Denize Araujo, Marjan de Bruin, Changfeng Chen, Sandra Ristovska and Usha Raman (EB liaison)

Task Forces

  • Task Force on the Global Alliance for Media and Gender (GAMAG)
    Chair: Aimée Vega Montiel [contact]
    Members: Margaret Gallagher, Carolyn Byerly, Claudia Padovani, Maria Edström, Carla Cerqueira, Karen Ross and Usha Raman (EB liaison)
  • Task Force on the Global Alliance for Social and Behaviour Change
    Chair: Thomas Jacobson [contact]
    Vice-chair: Elske van de Fliert [contact]
  • Committee for the Improvement of Academic Life
    Chair: Chika Anyanwu [contact]
    Members: Karen Arriaza Ibarra, Changfeng Chen, Fiona Martin, Claudia Lago, Steph Hill, Sibo Chen, Eno Akpabio, Tanya Bosch, Burçe Celik, Sergio Ricardo Quiroga and Andrea Medrado (EB liaison)
  • Task Force on Conference Modelling
    Chair: Eno Apkabio
    Members: TBD. Andrea Medrado (EB liaison)
  • INTER/ACTIONS: Multimodal Academic Communication
    Chair: Denize Araujo
    Members: Carlos Figueiredo, Citlaly Aguilar Campos, Chris Chescher, Dorothy Njoroge, Lothar Mikos, Manish Verma, Willemien Sanders and Nico Carpentier (EB liaison)

Executive Board Commissions

  • Conference Committee
    Chair: Gerard Goggin [contact] 
    Members: Elske van de Fliert, Bruce Girard, Nico Carpentier, Dorothy Njoroge, Joseph Nyanoti and Leah Jerop Komen
  • Evaluation Committee for the Section/Working Group and Committee/Task Force funds
    : Elske van de Fliert [contact]
    Members: Kaitlynn Mendes, Sandra Ristovska and Bruce Girard (non-voting member)
  • Clearinghouse for Public Statements
    Chair: Robin Mansell
    Members: Eno Akpabio, Martin Becerra, Andrew Calabrese, Lauren Dyll, Flor Enghel, Divina Frau-Meigs, Audrey Gadzekpo, Rodrigo Gomez, Gholam Khiabany, Graham Murdock, Hillel Nossek, Vinod Pavarala, Sandra Ristovska, Takesato Watanabe and Nico Carpentier (EB liaison)
  • Commission on IAMCR History
    Chair: Jörg Becker
    Members: Binod Agrawal, Cees Hamelink, Robin Mansell, Kaarle Nordenstreng, Sandra Ristovska, Wajiha Raza Rizvi, Annabelle Sreberny, Eduardo Enrique Villanueva Mansilla and Usha Raman (EB liaison)

Award Juries

  • Schiller Award Selection Committee
    : Richard Maxwell
    Members: Helena Sousa and Peichi Chung
  • Smythe Award Selection Committee
    : John Sinclair
    Members: Ben Birkinbine and Yuezhi Zhao
  • Stuart Hall Award Selection Committee
    : Hopeton Dunn
    : Graham Murdock, Usha Raman, Sandra Ristovska and Garry Whannel
  • Urban Communication Foundation Grant Selection Committee
    : Janet Wasko
    Members: Susan Drucker and Gary Gumpert
  • Climate Communication Research Fellowship Selection Committee 2020
    : Graham Murdock
    Members: Carrie P. Freeman, Hanna E. Morris and Jenifer Good