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Palgrave/IAMCR Book Series

Communication rights and social justice

Members of IAMCR, who want to publish their work, can benefit from a special initiative, launched jointly in July 2014 between the Association and global publisher Palgrave Macmillan. The Palgrave/ IAMCR books series —Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research— offers easy access to all members. 


Marjan de Bruin and Claudia Padovani are the co-editors of this book series.

Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board of Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research are: Martin Becerra, Gerard Goggin, Tod Holden, Liqun Liu, Robin Mansell, Francesca Musiani, Kaarle Nordenstreng, Hillel Nossek, Antonio Pasquali, Marc Raboy, Usha Raman, Ibrahim Saleh, Pradip Thomas (as vice-president of IAMCR), Daya Kishan Thussu, Ruth Tomaselli, Elena Vartanova and Karin Wilkins.

The Advisory Board will support the editors in guaranteeing the quality and consistency of the series and represents a diverse range of expertise. Board meetings function as a platform for discussion to identify new developments, opportunities and areas in need of critical attention allowing for exciting and innovative themes to be covered in the series. 

The series editors will use the Board’s contributions to issue specific Calls for Proposals and invite IAMCR members to address emerging trends and challenges in communication scholarship. The Advisory Board will also help to identify volumes —in non-Anglophone regions— which may deserve translation into English to be made accessible to an international audience. Each year the series aims for at least one volume translated from Spanish, French or other languages, into English. 

About the series

Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research offers systematic and comprehensive opportunities for the publication of key research and intellectual debates, to reflect the intellectual capital of IAMCR. It will provide a forum for collective knowledge production and exchange through trans-disciplinary contributions.

In the current globalizing processes and increasing interactions amongst individuals and communities, the series will provide a space to rethink those very categories – of space and place, time and geography through which communication studies has evolved. It will contribute to identifying and refining concepts, theories and methods to explore the diverse realities of communication in a changing world. 

The series editors welcome proposals for publication. Those who would like to get feedback before submitting their proposal to the publisher can indicate this to the series editors and count on a speedy response.

The Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research series editors invite IAMCR members, and particularly Sections Heads and Working Groups Chairs, to submit publication proposals that reflect the collective work of IAMCR bodies in different fields of inquiry.
Edited by Ravindra Kumar Vemula and SubbaRao M Gavaravarapu - A book in the series Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research - A Palgrave and IAMCR Series. It includes contributions from scholars and practitioners from India, Brazil, Russia, Venezuela, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and China, with Foreword by Prof. Thomas Tufte.
Edited by Luis Albornoz
A book in the series Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research - A Palgrave and IAMCR Series.
By Francesco Fattorello with a contribution by Giuseppe Ragnetti
Translated to English by Maria Way
A book in the series Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research - A Palgrave and IAMCR Series.
Edited by Chris Paterson, David Lee, Anamik Saha and Anna Zoellner, Advancing Media Production Research: Shifting Sites, Methods, and Politics is the fourth title of the Palgrave/IAMCR book series that was launched in 2014.
Edited by Claudia Padovani and Andrew Calabrese, Communication Rights and Social Justice offers historical perspectives on struggles to use the instruments of state and political participation - power, inter-governmental treaties and declarations, and various forms of political advocacy and protest politics - to articulate the concept of communication as a fundamental right.
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