Istanbul 2011 - Political Communication Research Section Call for Papers

istanbulThe Political Communication Research Section will be organizing panels at the 2011 IAMCR conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The section is interested in papers bearing on all the dimensions in political communication of the subject of the conference.


Note that we also seek papers on any of the whole range of political communication research: the media and political socialization, political campaigning, public opinion and political participation, interactions between the media and intermediary organizations such as interest groups and political parties, as well as the involvement and uses of the medias in campaigns, election; and also the media and marketing processes in government, from policy making to day to day politics at the local level, including Town Halls and other Local Government Institutions communication, from their day to day governance to the answers given to problematic neighborhoods. The use of Internet, blogs and all king of Internet social networks in modern political communication is also of interest to the section, as well as other new media and e-government processes.

Paper proposals should be one page, and should list the author's name, address, university affiliations, telephone, fax, and e-mail, followed by the paper's title and an abstract of 500 words/1500 signs. The abstract should specify the subject, questions asked, methodology and findings.

Anyone interested in presenting a paper should send his application, before the deadline indicated on IAMCR's general Call for Papers.

Proposals will be reviewed, and in order to improve the on-site discussions, all panels will have a discussant. Colleagues willing to act as discussants may apply as far as they have already taken part to at least two previous meetings of the section and/or are well-known researchers in the field. Paper givers may also volunteer to be discussants in other panels than theirs. Would-be discussants should specify in which field of political communication they are rather willing to work and also send in the same personal data required from paper givers.

For any further information, it is possible to contact the section head, Professor Philippe J. Maarek, at maarek[AT]

E-mail should be privileged, but he can also be reached as follows:

Philippe J. Maarek
Professeur à l'Université Paris Est -UPEC
41 rue du Colisee,
75008 Paris,
Fax 331-,
Tel 331-



Political Communication Research Section and Post-Socialist, Post-Authoritarian Communication Working Group - Joint Session Call for Papers: “Political Communication in the Post-Socialist countries of Eastern Europe”

In keeping with IAMCR traditions of exploring points of intersect between research groups, a joint panel common to the "Political Communication Research" Section and the "Post-Socialist, Post-Authoritarian and Intercultural Communication" Working Group will be convened, on the theme: “Political Communication in the Post-Socialist countries of Eastern Europe”. Those who wish to submit a proposal for this session are encouraged to contact:

Philippe J. Maarek
Head of the Political Communication Section


Anastasia Grusha
Deputy Head of the  Post-Socialist, Post-Authoritarian Working group