Abstract submissions deadline for IAMCR Mexico Conference extended to 16 February 2009

Abstract submissions deadline for IAMCR Mexico Conference extended to 16 February 2009IAMCR's Executive Board has agreed that the deadline for the submission of conference abstracts should be extended by approximately two weeks. Other dates have also been adjusted to take account of this change.

Given challenging economic conditions globally, we are committed to doing all that is possible, including through this deadline extension, to encourage widest possible participation in the Mexico City Conference.

The extended deadlines are as follows:
Submission of abstracts to be extended from January 31 to February 16, 2009.

Notification to applicants of results of abstracts evaluation - by March 29, 2009.
Abstracts should be submitted through BOTH the official conference
website portal AND the specified Section /Working Group Chairs or their
stated nominees. For ease of reference, the URL for the central
abstract submission portal on the Mexico conference website is
Applicants are reminded not to submit the same paper to more than one
Section or Working Group
as you risk the elimination of the paper
altogether, or at best, you will encounter significant delays in
determining where it will be presented, if selected.
For persons selected to present papers in Mexico City, the deadline for
submission of full papers to Section Heads and Working Group Chairs 
will be July 1, 2009.

If you encounter any difficulties in submitting
abstracts, particularly via the central abstract submission webpage, please send us an e-mail.

View all the CFPs for IAMCR's 2009 conference in Mexico. 

The 2009 Conference, which will be held at the Centro Cultural
Universitario Tlatelolco-UNAM, Mexico City between July 21-24, 2009,
aims to bring together scholars and researchers from all over the world
to present their academic work and exchange ideas under the general
theme “Human Rights and Communication". Full details of the Call are
available at
http://www.iamcr2009mexico.unam.mx/english/call-for-papers.html, or
from the websites of all Sections and Working Groups.
The attention of the entire IAMCR Community is directed to the home
page of the Mexico City 2009 Conference website
where details of early registration, information on the conference
venue facilities, hotel accommodation and tours are all available in
the three official languages of the IAMCR: English, Spanish and French.
Please take advantage of the great early Bird registration rates and an amazingly wide range of hotel accommodation costs!
Hopeton Dunn
Acting Secretary General, IAMCR
January 17, 2009