Notice regarding abstracts and papers for IAMCR 2010

braga_2010Almost all of IAMCR's Sections and Working Groups have completed their evaluation of abstracts and either invited authors to submit full papers or communicated their regrets that the papers will not be able to be presented at the Braga conference in July.

Nevertheless, we are aware that a number of authors have not yet received responses. In most cases the problem appears to be automatic anti-spam filters that are marking the invitation and regret messages sent by Section and Working Groups as spam and refusing to deliver them.

If you have not received a message advising you of the fate of your abstract, please login to the Online Conference System (OCS) using the same username and password that you used when you submitted your abstract.

Once logged in click on "Author" and you will be presented with one of three situations:

Situation 1 - Message "Abstract In Review" - this is one of the few cases in which a Section or Working Group has not yet completed its evaluation. Please wait a day or two and if you do not receive a message, check back with the OCS;

Situation 2 - Message "Awaiting Upload" - the abstract has been accepted and the OCS system is awaiting for your full-paper to be uploaded;

Situation 3 - If your paper was not accepted, it will have been automatically moved to the "Archive" section. To access this area, click on the link "Archive" at the right side menu and check 'Status'.

For an update on preparations for Braga 2010, click here...