Become an IAMCR ambassador

Ambassador Hotel, photo (cc)

The International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) is expanding its Ambassadors network and invites applications from potential new ambassadors. For more information, please reach out to Mazlum Kemal Dağdelen, the coordinator of the IAMCR Ambassadors’ Network and assistant to Nico Carpentier, IAMCR president.

What is the Ambassadors' Network?

Since its launch in 2015, IAMCR has been building a global network of IAMCR Ambassadors to represent and promote the Association. The network has seen continuous growth with the inclusion of new IAMCR Faculty Ambassadors and PhD Ambassadors from around the world.

IAMCR is now seeking additional Ambassadors to volunteer in their respective countries or regions for a three-year term. There are two types of ambassadors: IAMCR Faculty Ambassadors, who are senior/experienced scholars, and IAMCR PhD Ambassadors, who are PhD students or early-stage scholars without a university appointment. The position of IAMCR Ambassador is voluntary, and Ambassadors are expected to generate financial resources for their activities themselves. However, they can collaborate with IAMCR entities to access IAMCR funds (e.g., the S/WG fund) for their initiatives.

IAMCR aims to enhance the diversity of its ambassador network, including both types of ambassadors in each region/country and extend the age and gender diversity of representation. Therefore, IAMCR welcomes applications from members who meet the criteria and wish to contribute to IAMCR's mission.

Explore the list of IAMCR´s current ambassadors, their bios and strategic plans here.

How do ambassadors promote IAMCR?

IAMCR Ambassadors play a crucial role in creatively promoting IAMCR as an international association of communication and media scholars in their countries and/or regions. 

Ambassadors explore opportunities to expand IAMCR's footprint in their country or region through publicity, events, and other strategies that will build and retain the Association's membership and reputation.

Ambassador activities include the following: 

  1. Communicating IAMCR's existence and promoting its activities to the outside world
  2. Engaging with IAMCR members
  3. Organising at least one regional/national IAMCR event per year
  4. Actively contributing to IAMCR membership increase and retention
  5. Connecting IAMCR with relevant regional/national associations
  6. Collaborating with other ambassadors when possible
  7. Reporting relevant information to IAMCR entities (EB, IC, C/TF/C, S/WG, …)
  8. Planning and reporting ambassador activities

How to Apply

IAMCR members interested in becoming an IAMCR ambassador can submit their application throughout the year. Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis. 

The application consists of five documents and includes: 1/a letter of motivation, 2/a one-page CV, 3/a short bio (maximum 400 words), 4/a three-year strategic plan outlining how the ambassador tasks will be fulfilled, and 5/a letter of recommendation from another IAMCR Member. Please submit your application as an email with attachments in PDF format to the coordinator of the IAMCR Ambassador’s Network.

Ambassadors will be selected based on their connection with the academic community, their knowledge of IAMCR, and the objectives outlined in their proposed strategic plans.

We look forward to hearing from those interested in becoming involved in this way with IAMCR, the world’s leading professional organisation in the field of communication and media research.

Nico Carpentier,
President, IAMCR