IAMCR Ambassador in Egypt - Ibrahim Saleh, PhD

Dr. Ibrahim Saleh

Dr. Ibrahim Saleh is Chair of the Political Mass Media Department at Future University and Director of the Public Opinion Polling Centre (POPC) in Egypt. Saleh is a Fulbright scholar, a senior media expert on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and an indexed scholar in the Media Sustainability Index (MSI). He is the Chair of IAMCR's Journalism Research & Education (JRE) section and the linchpin editor of The Journal of Transnational 'Worlds of Power': Proliferation of Journalism & Professional Standards. Saleh has published four books including Unveiling the Truth about Middle Eastern Media. Privatization in Egypt: Hope or Dope? (2003), Prior to the Eruption of the Grapes of Wrath in the Middle East (2006) and Visual Politics of War, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Email: jre09is (at) gmail.com
Twitter: @DrIbrahimSaleh