IAMCR Ambassador in United States East Coast - Rodrigo Cetina Presuel

Dr. Rodrigo Cetina Presuel

Rodrigo Cetina Presuel holds a PhD in Communication Law from Complutense University of Madrid, a Master’s in international law from IEB-ISD in Madrid, and a Bachelor's in Law from Marist University in Mexico.

He is currently the Executive Director of the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard and a researcher at the Institute for Global Law and Policy of the Harvard Law School. He conducts research related to communication rights and how private entities are shaping the digital public sphere we use to communicate, particularly within the context of social networks and the use of automated processes that govern and sometimes impede free expression. Other research interests include the tensions between human rights, democracy, the use of algorithms for decision-making and widespread online surveillance by both the state and private entities. He has taught courses on media law and ethics, privacy and the monitoring of online behavior, corporate communication and research methods at Emerson College and Lasell College in Boston. In addition, Rodrigo is the co-Vice Chair of the Law Section of IAMCR.

Contact: rcetinapresuel@law.harvard.edu