Online Conference Papers (OCP)

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Online Conference Papers (OCP) is a space for IAMCR members to present and get feedback on their work and to get certification of their presentation of a conference paper. Abstracts responding to the calls for papers of our thematic sections and working groups (deadline 9 February) will be peer-reviewed and successful authors will be invited to submit short conference papers of 1,000 to 4,000 words by 7 June 2022.

These papers will be arranged thematically, in “panels” of 4 to 6 papers, by the sections and working groups, who will also allocate chair and respondents. The panels open the week before the conference starts, so that the authors/panellists can read each other’s papers beforehand, and provide feedback to each other’s work.

(In certain cases groups of 4 to 5 authors will create their own "panels", which we call Multi Paper Sessions (MPS). If you are submitting a MPS proposal, pay special attention to the special instructions for MPS proposials)

During the conference the website will provide access to the full programme of Online Conference Papers. Participants will be able to follow the panels of one or more thematic sections and working groups, browse all panels by panel title, or search all papers by author's name, affiliation or title of the paper. The respondent will provide feedback to the panel papers and each author will be expected to provide feedback to at least one other paper in the panel. The panel chair stimulates more feedback and discussion, especially during the first days of the conference.

The papers and the discussion platform will remain online for 2 months after the conference, until 11 September.

You do not have to be a member of IAMCR to submit an abstract. If your paper is accepted you (or a co-author) must be a member of IAMCR and pay a USD 25 submission fee. Registration for IAMCR 2022 is free but open exclusively to IAMCR members. Join IAMCR online here.

OCP Resources

The resources linked to below will help you prepare your submission and your participation in Online Conference Papers.

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