Blogging from Mexico

Communication and Human Rights

Some people will be blogging, twittering or posting photos or video from the IAMCR Conference in Mexico.

To help the IAMCR community know what is happening in Mexico we are putting together a list of the online reports we have found. See the list below.

If you are are posting from the IAMCR Conference, or know of someone who is, send the URL to amailhos[AT] and we'll add it to the list.

Help us keep the IAMCR community informed about what's happening in Mexico., Anthony Moretti, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, CIC-UCAB, Casey Brienza,  María Teresa Aveggio (WACC)

To search for what microbloggers are saying on Twitter, click on the URL

IAMCR takes no responsibility for the content of the above blogs. They reflect their authors' point of view.