Braga 2010 - International Communication Section Call for Papers


International Communication Section
IAMCR Conference 2010, 18-22 July, Braga, Portugal
Communication and Citizenship: Rethinking Crisis and Change

Citizenship is best understood through communication. It is membership, identity, belonging, policy, process, work, and activism. Citizenship addresses the core concepts of the ‘national’, the ‘international’ and the ‘global’. The International Communication Section of the IAMCR invites proposals (individual and panel submissions) on citizenship, media and communication within and/or across national borders. We also invite submissions on the more general areas of interest to the section listed below.

Proposals related to the conference theme may include (but are not limited to):

  • The relationship between media, development, and social change and citizenship
  • The role of the press (print, broadcast, online, multimedia) in developing democracies in the Global South and their links to the idea of an informed citizenry
  • Analysis of international agreements related to, with implications for media, communication and citizenship
  • Media (old and new) and citizenship across national borders
  • Media, communication and regional citizenship, e.g., the European Union

Additionally, proposals are invited for the general areas of interest to the International Communication Section, which include

  • Media and international development – including policy-making state and intergovernmental organizations, third sector organizations, for-profit non-governmental organizations, activist groups, journalists’ unions, etc.
  • Press systems and international journalism
  • Comparative media research
  • Challenges and opportunities presented by the processes of globalization to media and communication (including technology, culture, mobility and migrations, etc.)
  • New media technologies and international communication
  • Information and communication flow
  • Global media industries
  • Global media ethics
  • Media and foreign policy
  • Media and international crises
  • Theoretical and methodological concerns for studying global/international communication

Preparation and submission of paper and panel abstracts

All abstract submissions must contain the following:

  1. Title of the paper.
  2. Length: Abstract of up to 500 words. For panels, the panel organizer should provide an overarching abstract of up to 500 words, and should include an abstract of up to 500 words for each presentation from the respective panelists.
  3. Content: Reviewers will look for a clear idea of the following: what is the topic and why is it important to know about the study (significance of study), the main question or research problem addressed, some form of conceptual framework or theory that inspires the paper, methods used to answer the main questions posed, anticipated analysis, and expected outcomes.
    For panel submissions, the overarching abstract from the panel organizer should include the topic, the significance of the study, and the contribution of each participant’s work to the panel being proposed (500 word-abstract to be obtained by the panel organizer from each of the panelists), to provide a clear sense of coherence to the proposed panel.
    Please note that it is important to pay attention to the content and format details specified here to help with the review process.
  4. Author information: The name(s) of author(s) and title (professor, postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, etc.), institutional affiliation, e-mail address and contact postal address should be provided on a cover page. All identifying information should be kept separate from the abstract page itself. To ensure connection between the cover sheet and the abstract, include a title-similar running head on the abstract page.
  5. Number of submissions: Each abstract may be submitted to one section OR working group only. Please ensure that you select the International Communication Section only when using the online submission process. Multiple submissions of the same abstract to different Sections and Working Groups will result in removal of the duplicate abstract from consideration for the International Communication Section.
  6. Official languages of the IAMCR: Although IAMCR accepts presentations in Spanish, English, and French, we encourage abstract submissions in English to facilitate timely completion of the reviews and selections for the conference.

Deadline for submission of paper and panel abstracts: 31 January. Abstracts to be submited on the conference website.

Notification of results to authors: 15 March 2010.

Deadline for full paper submission: 30 April 2010. Completed papers to be submited on the conference website.

For questions, please contact Sujatha Sosale, Section Head, at sujatha-sosale[AT]

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