Braga 2010 - Islam & Media Working Group Call for Papers

braga_2010IAMCR 2010 Conference
Communication and Citizenship, Rethinking Crisis and Change
Braga, Portugal, 18-22 July 2010

The Islam and Media Working Group of the IAMCR invites the submission of abstracts for the IAMCR Braga Conference, July 18-22, 2010, on relevant aspects of the theme 'Communications and Citizenship: Re-thinking Crisis and Change'

The Constitution of Medina, drafted by the Islamic prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), constituted a formal agreement between Mohammad and the citizens of the city of Medina, regardless of their culture or religions. The constitution governed relations and disputes among the various tribes and families in Medina, including Muslims, Jews, and pagans, and established certain rights and principles regarding citizenship:

  • All citizens regardless of their religion, colour or ethnicity were equal before the law of the newly established state.
  • All citizens had full rights and freedom to adopt the religion they preferred.
  • All citizens were free to criticize any declaration or decision that might directly or indirectly affect their lives.
  • All types of disputes between those who had different beliefs, interests and attitudes as well as between Muslims were to be resolved through dialogue and peaceful communication.

IAMCR's 2010 conference is a timely occasion for scholarly reflections and analyses on these issues because the global Islamic revival, described by a number of names (resurgence, revival, fundamentalism, Islamism) is taking place in an international cultural and communication environment. In this global environment, Islam is often misunderstood not only by others but also by Muslims themselves who may ignore the fundamental principles of Islam that protect citizenship and call for a peaceful resolution of conflict.

In the light of the above, the Islam and Media Working Group invites abstracts for papers to be presented at the Braga Conference.

Submissions are invited to focus on any of the following topics related to the general theme:

  1. Globalization, Islam and the new citizenships in Muslim societies.
  2. Islam, citizenship and human rights.
  3. The emerging public sphere in the Muslim World.
  4. Clash of civilizations versus constructive engagement.
  5. Media & rights of non-Muslims in Islamic states.
  6. Media & rights of Muslim minorities in non- Muslim countries.
  7. Media, Islam and International crisis management.
  8. Media and rights of citizens in Palestinian occupied lands.
  9. Media portrayal of the critical issues facing the Muslim world.
  10. Islam, communication and the rights of marginalized and deprived minorities.
  11. Role of communication in bridging the citizenship gap between the Muslim and Non-Muslim countries.
  12. Islam, modernism and the Muslim societies.
  13. Role of innovation (ijtihad) in creating an informed citizenship.
  14. Communication, citizenship and Muslim communities in Western countries
  15. The Islamic viewpoint of citizenship and sate.

The Islam and Media Working Group will also organize a round table discussion on 'Communication and Citizenship: The Islamic Perspective'. Submissions for proposal covering any relevant topic are welcomed.

Abstracts of no more than 500 words should be submitted through the conference website, and a copy should be sent to the Chair of Islam and Media Working Group Prof. Basyouni Hamada at basyouni_hamada[AT] by January 31, 2010.

Each abstract must also include title, name(s), affiliation, institutional address and email address of author(s).

Abstracts will be evaluated through a blind referee process arranged by the Working Group.

Notification of the results of the abstract selection process will be issued by March 15, 2010.

Full papers are due by April 30, 2010 and should also be submitted via the conference website.