IAMCR 2014: Media Production Analysis Working Group - CfP - Deadline 10 February

Call for Papers – IAMCR 2014 - Media Production Analysis Working Group

The IAMCR 2014 conference will be held in Hyderabad, India on July 15-19, 2014. The main topic of the conference is "Region as Frame: Politics, Presence, Practice" (read  the local organising committee’s description at the IAMCR 2014 website).

 The Media Production Working Group invites submissions of individual research papers and proposals for complete panels in the field of media production.

This Working Group provides a venue for researchers of media production. The working group focuses on different professional roles and norms, technologies, organizational contexts and genres to grasp the internal and external dynamics of media production processes.

We invite empirical studies of media production whether they are qualitative or quantitative in nature, whether they analyse fiction or non-fiction production or whether they analyse mass media, personal or social media. In our era of convergence and media integration we in particular welcome studies of multiplatform production as well as the use of social media by traditional media producers.

Papers addressing the 2014 conference theme: Region as Frame: Politics, Presence, Practice are most welcome. We intend to arrange a special session dedicated to accommodate papers dealing with issues related to this theme from the perspective of media production.

The group is open to all theoretical inspirations not only media science but also sociology, anthropology, management studies, etc. We also welcome work on methodological aspects of media production research: production ethnography in general, problems and strategies of access or publication, and the theoretical grounding of methods. As our focus is on production and the challenges of researching it, papers based entirely or mainly on content analysis will not be accepted.


Abstracts should range between 300 and 500 words in length including the research objectives, theoretical framework and methodology. Each proposal must include title, name(s), affiliation, institutional address and email addresses of the author(s). All abstract submissions must be made centrally via the IAMCR Open Conference System (OCS) available for abstract submission at http://iamcr-ocs.org.

It is expected that for the most part, only one (1) abstract will be accepted per person in the research paper proposals in the MPA working group program. But the author could also submit a panel proposal. Please note also that the same abstract or another version with minor variations in title or content must not be submitted to other Sections or Working Groups of the Association for consideration, after an initial submission. Such submissions will be deemed to be in breach of the conference guidelines and will be automatically rejected by the Open Conference System, by the relevant Head or by the Conference Programme Reviewer. Such applicants risk being removed entirely from the conference programme.

The MPA working group encourages its members to take part in their moderation and chairing sessions so please let us know, if you are interested (roel.puijk[at]hil.no)

Referee criteria:

  • Whether the abstract is within the remit of the group (the group focuses on different professional roles and norms, technologies, organizational contexts and genres to grasp the internal and external dynamics of media production processes).

  • Clear description of theme and aim of the research.

  • Clear indication of methods – in case this is a theoretical paper, whether the description of the theoretical argument is clear.

  • Innovative research should be prioritised.

  • Papers addressing the 2014 conference theme Region as Frame: Politics, Presence, Practice should be prioritised.

The deadlines are as follows:

8 November 2013

 First call for abstracts (for papers and panels)

1 December 2013

Open Computer System (OCS) available for abstract submission at http://iamcr-ocs.org

10 February 2014

OCS closed

11- 20 February 2014

Initial technical review of submissions (review process by Sections and WGs will start after this)

24 March 2014

Notification of acceptances of abstracts

15 April 2014

Confirmation of participation deadline

30 April 2014

Deadline for early bird registration

15 May 2014

Final conference programme

13 June 2014

Conference programme to be published online

20 June 2014

Deadline for full paper submission

15-19 July 2014

IAMCR Conference

Paper Submission

Early submission is strongly encouraged. Individuals may submit 1 abstract (paper) per Section or Working Group as lead author, and a maximum of 2 abstracts (papers) to a single IAMCR conference in general.

Panel Submission

Panels are for 90 minutes. A complete panel proposal will include:

  1. The panel description, including, the panel title, a framing text, the names of the panellists and the titles of their papers. The framing text (maximum 350 words) should contain the overall idea and goal of the panel. A panel chair and a discussant should also be proposed.

  2. An abstract for each paper, including title and author(s). Abstract submissions must include the words PANEL PRESENTATION in their title and the complete title of the panel in the first line of the abstract

IAMCR accepts presentations in English, French and Spanish. However, it is requested that abstracts, if at all possible, be submitted in English.

Further information about IAMCR and this conference is available on the respective websites:

IAMCR Website: www.iamcr.org
Conference Website: www.iamcr2014.org

Section Head

Roel Puijk


Chris Paterson

Schultz, Ida