IAMCR election results announced

In a message sent to all IAMCR members on 14 June, the Election Committee announced the results of elections for the association's Executive Board and International Council. Janet Wasko was reelected president and will be joined on the Executive Board by 2 vice-presidents, Graham Murdock and Aimée Vega, a secretary general, Gerard Goggin and a treasurer, Anthony Moretti. Fifteen members were elected to the International Council, which is made up of the 15 elected members plus the heads of IAMCR's 15 thematic sections.

The new Executive Board and International Council will begin their four-year mandate at IAMCR's General Assembly in Leicester, UK on 31 July 2016.

The detailed results of the vote are published below:

Janet Wasko: 283 votes
Daya Thussu: 275 votes
Abstained: 11

Vice Presidents (2)
Graham Murdock: 350 votes
Aimée Vega Montiel: 347 votes

Secretary General
Gerard Goggin: 452 votes
Abstained: 117

Anthony Moretti: 441 votes
Abstained: 128

International Council Elected
Helena Sousa: 333 votes
Claudia Padovani: 294 votes
Jo Pierson: 213 votes
Denize Araujo: 196 votes
Alina Bernstein: 189 votes
Philippe Maarek: 187 votes
Cesar Bolaño: 184 votes
Takesato Watanabe: 184 votes
Richard Maxwell: 181 votes
Sandra Ristovska: 179 votes
Guillermo Mastrini: 177 votes
Chika Anyanwu: 174 votes
Friedrich Krotz: 167 votes
Eno Akpabio: 164 votes
Kaitlynn Mendes: 164 votes

The members of the Election Committee were Beate Josephi (Chair), Jeremy Shtern and Brian Pindayi.