PCR Open seminar: Imagine Europe

IAMCR’s Participatory Communication Research Section and Roskilde University are happy to invite artists, academics, and students to submit proposals for the Imagine Europe seminar.


Date: Thursday, 19 October 2017, 9 AM – 5 PM

Location: Roskilde, Denmark


To submit a proposal, send a presentation abstract or project description of no more than 500 words (per participant, in case of a panel) to the organiser, Jonas Agerbæk Jeppesen, at <joagje@ruc.dk>.

The deadline for submitting proposals is August 15, 2017.


The Imagine Europe seminar gathers participants interested in discussing and experimenting with participatory and creative methods, with the aim to articulate, explore, and create knowledge and perspectives on the contemporary, so-called European ‘crisis’.

Dramas fuelled by financial instability, the refugee influx, Brexit, and the shifting directions of newly-elect governments powerfully reveal a breakdown and need for re-negotiating a shared sense of ‘Europe’—both in terms of its meaning and in terms of its value as a common political, social and cultural project, and as provider of an agonistic identity to its citizens. With the collapse of the progress narrative—the idea that we’re moving towards ‘ever closer union’—space has been opened for the re-emergence of older visions of, for and about Europe, and for new visions to be developed and circulate. These intersecting and competing visions range from pleas to renew the prior consensus, to dreams of renegotiating Europe from the ground up, or of retreating from Europe altogether, and withdraw into more ‘traditional’ and ‘natural’ units, based in nationality, ethnicity or religion. These visions come from many different actors within Europe and from outside of its borders, including from migrants seeking refuge from structural and political violence.

As these actors express new social imaginaries, they also, and on larger or smaller scales, (attempt to) mobilize publics around their competing visions—engaging them in struggles to translate these imaginaries in material realities, to bring about a European space, or set of spaces, that may suit their needs, desires and phantasies.

While it is not clear which vision or set of visions will stand when the dust of recent ‘crises’ had settled, it remains a paramount task for us as students, artists, and academics to reflect, to critique, and to take action as history unfolds.


With the aim of supporting discussion and dialogue across thematic and disciplinary boundaries, we invite contributions that include, but are not limited to:

 * Research presentations

* Presentations of artistic projects

* Interactive performances, short film screenings, installations

* Workshops


* Keynote on “Discursive-material struggles over Europe” by Prof. Nico Carpentier

* Keynote on artistry and intercultural dialogue in Danish refugee initiatives (TBA)

* City walk and interactive workshop by Assoc. Prof. Kristine Samson

* Project presentations, workshops, and performances by seminar participants


The seminar is open to all. Prior registration is required. For online participation, contact the organiser, Jonas Agerbæk Jeppesen at <joagje@ruc.dk>.