Platforms and diversity

Platforms and diversity: Netflix under debate

7– 8 November 2019, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain

Organized by Diversidad Audiovisual Research Group and supported by IAMCR's Political Economy Section, the objective of this seminar is to reflect on the role played by online platforms in the diversity of the audiovisual industry, with an emphasis in the discussion of Netflix company. It aims to contribute to the understanding of the impact caused by online transnational platforms that sell audiovisual content, taking into account their socio-economic profile and the political-regulatory reaction that their emergence is propitiating. Emphasis will be placed on this impact in the Spanish market, and in terms of promoting and / or protecting the diversity of the audiovisual industries.

The seminar is also supported by Cultural Industries and Artistic Creation (ICCA), UNESCO Getafe Center, Foundation for Citizens' Europe (la fec) and The Latin Union of Political Economy of Information, Communication and Culture (ULEPICC).

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