What is life?

What is life? | 6-8 April 2017

To be held at the University of Oregon in Portland, the seventh annual “What is…? ” conference-experience will engage communication, media, and nature by examining everyday life — our lifeworks and lifestyles — emphasizing the lifeworlds (environments) we live in. It will investigate how communication/media constitute and permeate all avenues and forms of life — from scale, pace, and pattern to the public, private, and organic. By building bridges through multidisciplinary networks, the event emphasizes how communication is instrumental in and for living systems. What is life and how is life mediated?

What is Life? (2017) builds on last year’s conference, What is Media? (2016), expanding a transdisciplinary notion of medium/media with special attention to its material, historical, and ecological ramifications. It marks the second collaboration with scholars from the natural sciences, life sciences, and the arts.

The experience will bring together scholars, government and community officials, industry professionals, alumni and students, as well as scientists, artists, filmmakers, grassroots community organizations, and the public. We welcome submissions for plenary speakers, roundtables, paper presentations, installations, and special events. A wide range of possible topics and potential themes can be found at the online at the Call for Proposals. The deadline to submit proposals is 13 December 2016.

IAMCR is a co-sponsor of What is Life? 2017.