IAMCR 2017 abstract books

Abstract art - Robert Delaunay, 1912–13, Le Premier Disque. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abstract_art

More than 1,400 papers and panels were confirmed for presentation at IAMCR 2017. We prepared a book with the abstracts scheduled for presentation within each section and working group. Download a PDF file of the abstract books by selecting the name of the section or working group from the list below or download all of the abstract books as a single zip file (14.2 MB).

We have endeavoured to ensure that these are the abstracts presented in Cartagena. Nevertheless, due to cancellations, additions and other factors, abstracts may be included here that were not presented and abstracts that were presented may not be included. Report errors to support2017@iamcr.org.

You can also download the conference programme as a PDF or access it online.

We hope this helps you prepare your time in Cartagena.

All email address in this document have had the @ replaced with a string of letters such as -xyz-. Replace those letters with @ and you will be able to contact the authors.

Working Groups: