Finance Committee


The Finance Committee serves both a control and an advisory function in support of the Treasurer’s work. The control function, consisting of review of the annual financial report, statement and audit, is required to guarantee accuracy and transparency of the financial operations of the association. The advisory function serves to provide a soundboard for new ideas for finance management, investment strategy, and other financial aspects requiring major decisions.


  • Review of annual report and statement (by email) 
  • Review of the annual external audit (by email) 
  • Review of proposals for new strategies for finance management, investment (by email or through a committee meeting by Zoom or in-person during the conference week) 

Committee Members

Chair: Elske van de Fliert [contact]


Beate Josephi [contact]
Robin Mansell [contact]
Sandra Ristovska [contact]
Kanchan Malik [contact]
Francesca Musiani [contact]
Steph Hill [contact]