Section and Working Groups - Election Rules

Rules and practices for the election of section and working group heads

  1. A section or working group should have a board that consists -at a minimum- of 2 persons, called "the Head". 

  2. The Head might be constituted (minimally, then) of:
        a. 1 Chair and one or more Vice-Chairs
        b. 2 Co-Chairs ​
        c.  2 Co-Chairs and one or more Vice-Chairs

  3. The Executive Board must be notified of the person who is the administrative "contact" for IAMCR organizational business on behalf of the Head. The other Head members are of course allowed to be substituted, dependent upon their presence at the Conference, the Section and Working Group Heads meeting, the IC meeting, etc. In case more than one of the Head members is present at a formal IAMCR meeting, only one may vote.

  4. The duration of all mandates is 4 years, and Section and WG Officers may be reelected to their position only once (8 years in a row is the maximum). It is possible to be elected Chair after an 8 years mandate as a Vice-Chair or Co-Chair, and vice-versa. One may be a candidate for such positions in only one section or WG at the same time though simultaneous candidacies for different positions within the same section or working group are possible, the higher ranking eliminating the lesser one if successful.

  5. Any section or working group holding elections should make a proper announcement on the IAMCR Website and send this formal announcement to the IAMCR General Secretary and to the executive secretariat eight weeks before the day of the business meeting. The incumbent Section Officers are in charge of the whole process. The announcement will state who steps down, who wants to stay on, and what positions remain to be filled. The announcement will also call for candidates for all the positions within four weeks to allow incumbent Heads to take measures in case of lack of candidacies. All candidates must be current members of IAMCR in good standing. The incumbent Section Officers will then formally inform the IAMCR General Secretary and the persons in charge of IAMCR Website of the candidacies (name, institutional position and a statement of no more than 400 words) as soon as possible and at least two weeks before the business meeting. Any election held without these two formal announcements will be void. A page on the IAMCR website will be dedicated to this process and updated as necessary. 

  6. The elections must be held at the business meeting of the section or working group during the IAMCR conference. Electronic voting is not permitted, and a quorum is not necessary. Colleagues may be candidates and be elected even if they cannot be present in the business meeting but no vote by proxy is allowed. Only current IAMCR members in good standing and registered as members of the section or working group may vote or stand for elected positions. The incumbent Heads will carry out the election process. If none of them are able to attend the conference, they must designate a substitute to the IAMCR General Secretary. 

  7. In years with a General Assembly (GA), confirmation of elections must to be presented at the GA at the end of the conference, which means that all the business meetings have to be held before the GA (at least for sections holding elections in the same year). 

  8. Section and Working Group officers must be IAMCR members, either directly, or through an IAMCR institutional member who has listed them among its IAMCR representatives. The IAMCR treasurer will check on the newly elected officers membership and their election will be voided if they do not immediately comply to the treasurer's (late) dues payment request.

  9. If a Section or a Working Group does not comply to these Rules and Practices, the EB will take temporary measures to appoint an interim Head as fit and will carry them to the GA for approval or the IC afterwards by electronic voting approval if need be. The interim will last until the next IAMCR conference where new elections will be organised.

Adopted by the International Council in Dublin, June 25th, 2013. These rules were revised and adopted as a final policy by the International Council in Leicester, June 27, 2016. A clarification to section 6 was added by the Executive Board, with the approval of the Legal Committee, in December 2018, adding the text in bold: Only current IAMCR members in good standing and registered as members of the section or working group may vote or stand for elected positions.

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