Section and Working Groups - Head Election Rules

Composition of the Head

  1. According to IAMCR statutes, each section or working group (S/WG) should elect a board called "the Head".
  2. For the duration of the mandate, each member of the Head (and when candidate to the Head) must be:
    1. a paid-up member of the Association directly or through an IAMCR institutional member who has listed them among its IAMCR representatives 
    2. a registered member of the Section/WG.
  3. The Head consists of a minimum of 2 persons, and of a maximum of 5 persons, as decided by each Section/WG.

  4. The Head is constituted of either:
    1. 1 Chair and one or more Vice-Chairs
    2. 2 Co-Chairs
    3. 2 Co-Chairs and one or more Vice-Chairs
  1. The duration of all mandates of the Head officers is 4 years. Section/WG Officers may be reelected consecutively as members of Head only once (8 years consecutively in any position within the Head of a Section/WG at the most). 

  2. After each change within the Head, IAMCR Executive Board and administration must be notified of the person who is the administrative "contact" for all IAMCR organizational matters on behalf of the Section/W Head. In case more than one of the Head members is present at a formal IAMCR meeting, only one may vote, as indicated by the administrative "contact".
  3. Every year, during the annual membership check, the Secretariat in coordination with IAMCR General Secretary will check on the membership status of all Heads of the Sections/WG. If a member of the Head has not paid her/his fees to IAMCR for the previous year, he/she will be notified to do so within a month, or her/ his position will automatically become vacant.

Election of the members of the Head

  1. Before the end of every calendar year, the current Head communicates to IAMCR General Secretary to its administration and to its members, if, for the year to come, the Section/WG Head will not change or which changes will be made to the composition of the Head.

  2. IAMCR General secretary will then confirm the list of positions within the Heads of Sections/WG for which elections have to be held during the year to come and will announce it to the membership.

  3. Candidates to the vacant Heads positions, as far as they comply with the eligibility conditions in article 2 may then apply for one or more positions within the Head of a Section/WG.

  4. Simultaneous candidacies for more than one Section or Working Group/Head at the same time are not allowed.
  5. Candidates to the vacant Heads position need to apply at least 45 days before the closing date of the polls. The closing date of the polls will be set by the IAMCR Executive Board in relation to the timing of the session of the International Council where the election results will be confirmed. Candidacies should come with an election statement of 500 words at the most and be sent to IAMCR General Secretary and administration.
  6. The election will be conducted via an online voting procedure by IAMCR administration under the supervision of IAMCR Executive Board 2 weeks before the closing date of the poll.
  7. Are eligible to vote IAMCR members who are both:
    1. paid-up members of the Association directly or through an IAMCR institutional member who has listed them among its IAMCR representatives and 
    2. registered members of the Section/WG at least ten days prior to the beginning of the election.
  8. The result of elections must be confirmed either by the General Assembly of IAMCR in the years in which it is held or by the first International Council following the election process - which will decide in case of a tie. The mandate of the new Heads will start at the end of the annual conference.
  9. If there are not enough candidacies to the Head of a Section/WG 45 days before the closing of the polls, the current Head will circulate the problem to its membership and immediately issue a new call for candidacies. If a number of candidacies sufficient to fill the vacant positions is submitted at least 30 days before the closing of the poll, these candidacies will be brought to the IC which will decide on them. If there are no new candidacies 30 days before the relevant IC, article 18 will apply.
  10. If a Section/WG does not or cannot comply with the present Election Rules, the Executive Board will take temporary measures to appoint an interim Head. This appointment will be confirmed by the IC. The interim Head mandate will last until new Section/WG elections are organized following the next ordinary annual election procedure.

Text adopted by IAMCR International Council on January 30, 2024.

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