Commission on IAMCR History

The History Commission will prepare an edited collection of papers recounting the crucial ways in which our Association has engaged with research and broader publics on a range of issues and topics since it was established in 1957. Engagement may take many forms, including research scholarships, activism, and/or practice, and chapter authors will refine their topics in discussion with me as editor. 

Each contribution will offer a retrospective assessment of relevant debates and highlight IAMCR’s involvement in, or contribution to, these debates. Different chapters will include scholarly traditions and orientations, scholarships, the political and regional aspects, and important individual scholars at IAMCR. 

This edited book (or two) is not intended to be a detailed institutional history of IAMCR. In parallel with this edited volume, a jointly authored book by Cees Hamelink and Kaarle Nordenstreng is being prepared on the overall history of IAMCR.

(The commission wants to finish its work in 2021.)

Chair: Jörg Becker [contact]

Binod Agrawal
Cees Hamelink
Robin Mansell
Kaarle Nordenstreng,
Sandra Ristovska
Eduardo Enrique Villanueva Mansilla
Usha Raman (EB liaison)