IAMCR 2010 goes social

following_iamcrFollow IAMCR's 2010 conference online whether or not you are in Braga with the Twitter hashtag #iamcr2010, via IAMCR's Facebook Page, the IAMCR 2010 Facebook Event page and the conference's blog.

If you are are blogging from the IAMCR Conference, or know of someone who is, send the URL to amailhos[AT]iamcr.org and we'll add it to a conference blogs list.

Just in time for the conference we have introduced some changes to IAMCR's website. We added a column on the right where we can add modules to highlight activities and content on the site and elsewhere.

The modules at the moment include:

1. A Facebook "Fan box" which shows the pictures of a few of our "fans" as well as a running tab of how many we have, a link to our page, and the possibility of becoming a fan with a single click.

2. The RSS feed from the blog iamcr2010 set up by the Portuguese organisers with information about the conference.

3. A list of recent Twitter "tweets" with the hashtag #iamcr2010 that will be used for the conference.