IAMCR 2013 - Media Production Analyses - Call for Papers

The Working Group for Media Production Analyses of the International Association for Media and Communication Research invites submissions for the 2013 IAMCR Congress in Dublin, Ireland from June 25 to 29, 2013.

This Working Group provides a venue for researchers of media production. The working group focuses on different professional roles and norms, technologies, organizational contexts and genres to grasp the internal and external dynamics of media production processes.

Papers addressing the 2013 conference theme: Crises, ‘Creative Destruction’ and the Global Power and Communication Orders are most welcome. We intend to arrange a special session dedicated to accomodate papers dealing with issues related to this theme from the perspective of media production.

We also invite empirical studies of media production whether they are qualitative or quantitative in nature, whether they analyse fiction or non-fiction production or whether they analyse mass media, social media or personal media.

The group is open to all theoretical inspirations not only media science but also sociology, anthropology, management studies, etc. We also welcome work on methodological aspects of media production research: production ethnography in general, problems and strategies of access or publication, and the theoretical grounding of methods. As our focus is on production and the challenges of researching it, papers based entirely or mainly on content analysis will not be accepted.

Abstracts should be between 300 and 500 words in length.

Abstracts should be submitted only via IAMCR's Open Conference System (OCS) at http://iamcr-ocs.org from 15 November 2012 to 28 January 2013. Early submission is strongly encouraged.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 28 January 2013. Please note that this deadline will not be extended. The OCS system at http://iamcr-ocs.org will close at midnight GMT on 28 January 2013.

Decisions on acceptance of abstracts will be communicated to applicants by the Working Group Head no later than 28 February 2013.

For those whose abstracts are accepted, full conference papers are to be submitted via the IAMCR OCS by 28 May 2013.

Individuals may submit 1 abstract (paper) per Section or Working Group as lead author, and a maximum of 2 abstracts (papers) to a single IAMCR conference in general.