IAMCR Travel Bursaries Announced

IAMCR Travel Bursaries AnnouncedNine cash awards to subsidise the cost of attending IAMCR's upcoming conference in Mexico have been awarded.

All of the awardees are young (under 40 years of age), from low-income countries, and have abstracts accepted for presentation at the conference.

The cash awards have been awarded to:

Conroy B Wilson
Elizabeth Bautista Flores
Fernanda De Mello Dias Guimaraes
Jose Luis Benitez
Mohammad Sahid Ullah
Sekela Mwanbuli
Tiago Rodrigues
Wanjohi Kabukuru
Yunjuan Luo

All awardees have been informed by email. If you are one of the award
winners and have not yet confirmed your participation, please contact
Ruth Teer-Tomaselli at teertoma[AT]ukzn.ac.za as soon as possible.

Awards not
confirmed by 15 June will be withdrawn.