Grants for members attending Durban 2012

suitcase2IAMCR is making a number of grants available to members in good standing from low-income countries who will be participating in our upcoming conference in Durban, South Africa.

Nine grants will cover the cost of registration and ten grants will include cash awards to help offset travel costs.

The available grants include:

  1. Four (4) grants for IAMCR associates to cover registration fees. IAMCR members from low-income countries who are demonstrably involved in IAMCR, for example as a deputy-chair of a section or working group, are eligible to apply.
  2. Five (5) grants for African students to cover registration fees. IAMCR members who are African post-graduate students studying in African universities and who have an abstract accepted for full presentation at the conference are eligible. Applicants who have been IAMCR members for at least one year will be given priority.
  3. Ten (10) travel awards of up to US$ 1,500 each to offset the cost of participating in the 2012 conference. Young scholars (45 years of age or younger as of 13 July, 2012) who have been members in good standing of IAMCR for at least one year, reside in low income countries (see IAMCR's definition of low income countries) and who have an abstract accepted for full presentation at the conference are eligible to apply. Abstracts accepted for poster sessions do not qualify. For co-authored papers, only the first author will be eligible for an award unless he or she is unable to attend the conference. Four of these grants will be reserved for residents of African countries.

Applications must include:

  • a brief biographical statement or CV, clearly stating your age;
  • a copy of your accepted abstract;
  • a copy of the message from a Section or Working Group coordinator confirming acceptance of your abstract;
  • full contact details (name, postal address, telephone, email);
  • your IAMCR membership ID number (Your membership ID number is always displayed in the Member's menu when you are logged into your account on the website. This is NOT the same as the number assigned to your abstract.)

Deadline: Applications must be received by 9 April 2012.

Only paid up members of IAMCR are eligible to apply.

Send applications to:

Indicate clearly in the subject of your message which of the three types of grants you are applying for -- (1). IAMCR Associates, (2). African Students, or (3). Travel Awards). Eligible applicants may apply for more than one type of grant, but no more than one grant will be awarded per person.  If you are applying for more than one grant, each application must be sent in a separate email message.

Decisions: We will notify the award winners by 16 April 2012. Winners will have two weeks to confirm their acceptance, after which unconfirmed grants will be reassigned to other applicants. Registration fees for successful applicants will be paid directly by IAMCR to the Local Organising Committee. Travel subsidies will only be paid in Durban. We regret that we will not be able to provide advances.

Successful applicants must submit their full paper by 10 June 2012.