Academic life at the Complutense University and the School of Communication

We would like to introduce you to the Complutense University, which will host the #IAMCR2019 conference. Founded in 1499, it owes its name to the ancient Roman city of Complutum dating from the first century B.C. (today Alcalá de Henares), where the first foundation stone of the University was laid. Many distinguished artists, politicians and scientists have passed through its halls, including a number of Nobel Prize winners.

It is a widely recognized and long standing institution, which sets out to impart educational courses of the highest order. The teaching quality and the courses offered carry an authentic “Complutense stamp”.

One of the University’s priorities is to consoldate its relationships with society and the world of production. The strength of its research departments has meant that many of them occupy positions of international leadership, the aim of the University in this field being “to develop centers of excellence based on large, quality networks, to promote emerging groups and to integrate young researchers” by linking research to teaching at graduate and postgraduate levels.

Its principles as an institution are “democracy, transparency, sustainability of the campus, real and virtual accessibility, preservation of the environment and social and economic commitment”.

The School of Communication was created in 1971. It is located on the Moncloa Campus of International Excellence (below) and is the second most numerous faculty in the University and Spain’s largest School of communication-related studies.

There are also a number of other Universities, museums and similar institutions within the Campus and near the School, which complement the overall academic experience. The University is set in an area of natural beauty on the western outskirts of the city.

Campus Moncloa de Excelencia

The School occupies two buildings, which include the library, radio and television studios, audiovisual and computer laboratories, and, of course, the restaurant/cafeteria. The School has its own advertising agency, a school of production and its own communication media such as radio, press and digital media. Student life centers round a number of different associations, activity groups and the sports clubs.

The joint work of graduate, postgraduate and doctoral research groups with other departments of the University promotes the extension of projects and activities related to research in the field of Communication.

The proximity of the School to the center of Madid and the fact that various means of transport are readily available mean that, between sessions, it is possible to carry out a variety of cultural activities such as visits to the city’s museums and landmarks; the School is also close to various accommodation options, including a number of on-campus Halls of Residence which offer accommodation at a very short distance from the School.