Community Communication and Alternative Media Section pre/post Conference Events

Three IAMCR pre and post conference events

These Pre-conference and Post-conference activities are hosted by the IAMCR Community Commnication and Alternative Media Section and other organizations (see “Convenors” and “Organizers” below). We invite scholars and practitioners to join us to stimulate vibrant discussions and new learning covering different conceptual and practical aspects. 

Preconference Event 1: Panel “Media justice in the digital age” 

Language: English
Date & Time: Saturday 6 July, 2019, from 10 to 16 h. (with one hour break)
Venue: to be determined
Costs: Free. There is no cost to participate in this event. Registration, however, is required.
Final Program: to be determined 
Registration: Please contact contacto [at]

Preconference Event 2: Workshops “Three Colombian methodological approaches to participatory action research” and “Reception studies in Community Media. Towards the construction of community  appropriation processes”

Language: Spanish
Date & Time: Sunday 7 July, 2019, from 10 to 18 h. (with one hour break)
Venue: to be determined
Costs: Free. There is no cost to participate in this event. Registration, however, is required.
Registration: Please contact contacto [at]


a) Workshop 1. “Three Colombian methodological approaches to participatory action research”. Lectured by: Jair Vega (Uninorte), Amparo Cadavid (Uniminuto) & Eliana Herrera (Uniminuto)

The workshop will introduce the methodological contributions and transformative social research developed by Colombian researchers Orlando Fals Borda, Arturo Alape and Pilar Riaño. All the three share useful insights into communication and social change processes. A group of approximately 24 people will be divided into three subgroups to develop a guided reflection/action strategy based on the work of the authors: Fals Borda (Jair Vega), Arturo Alape (Eliana Herrera) and Pilar Riaño (Amparo Cadavid).

b) Workshop 2. “Paths towards technological autonomy: planning and implementation of community projects”. Lectured by Carlos Baca Feldman (general coordinator of  Centro de Investigación en Tecnologías y Saberes Comunitarios-CITSAC & Research Coordinator of REDES A.C. & Rhizomatica)

This workshop aims to generate skills for the selection of relevant technologies   and the planning of a technological projects that can achieve the specific goals that arise through the communication processes in improving the living conditions of the communities. In the first part, the workshop aims to develop a critical vision in the incorporation of ICT to community communication projects, based on the analysis of experiences that have generated processes of technological autonomy in Latin America; such as community Internet networks, community cellular telephony in Oaxaca, Mexico, and the "Techio Comunitario" community technical promoters training program.  The second part of the workshop will seek to unravel the logic of the regulation of the radio spectrum, taking into account its nature of common good, and address a number of basic elements on spectrum regulation from the international, national and community level that have allowed the development of this type of experiences.

Post Conference Event: OURMedia Routes 

Date & Time: 12 July - Madrid / 15 – 16 July in Andalusia, Catalonia & the Basque Country
Venue: Choose 1 of 3 Routes

Registration: Please contact contacto [at]

In the “Subject” box of the email, indicate Registration to PostConference OURMedia Routes. Then, indicate your full name, country & IAMCR membership (yes/no) and then the Visit/s to Madrid and/or one of the routes outside Madrid.

Please note: 

  1. Visits to Andalusia, Catalonia or the Basque Country will require the payment of fees for transport, accommodation and the like. You will book and cover the hotels and transportation at your own expense.
  2. Expected costs for the visit (including transport, accommodation & alike) are, at least, 200 euros per person for the 2 days of outside-Madrid visits. This is a totally self-funded activity covered by each registered participant. We will offer you accommodation and transport options shortly, but do not take too long since it is summer time and tourism will rise at the period.
  3. There is a fund to alleviate and support the accommodation & travel expenses of people from low-income countries.
  4. There is a limit of up to 20 people per visit, which will be assigned in order of email arrival. Priority will be given to IAMCR members.
  5. All visitors will have the possibility to share experiences with the community media based in Madrid. This visit is free. In your email, please indicate it so that we can prevue your visit. 

For further details download the full program


  • IAMCR Community Communication & Alternative Media Section (COC). Website:
  • OURMedia / NuestrosMedios. Website:
  • Redecambio. Red Universitaria de Postgrados en Comunicación, Desarrollo y Cambio Social. Website:
  • RICCAP (Red de Investigación en Comunicación Comunitaria, Alternativa y Participativa - Research network on Community, Alternative & Participatory Communication): First Spanish organization focused on the study of participatory communication processes in alliances with other nodes and research groups in Latin America and Europe. Website:
  • Data Justice Lab. Space for research and collaboration at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC). It examines the intricate relationship between datafication and social justice, highlighting the politics and impacts of data-driven processes and big data. Website:  
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. One of the three public universities offering communication studies in Madrid. Website:
  • Saint Louis University - Madrid. Private university based in Madrid which offers communication studies in English. Website:

Preconference Organisers: 

  • Alejandro Barranquero (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) (abarranq [at]
  • Emiliano Treré (Cardiff University) (TrereE [at]
  • Joan Pedro Carañana (Saint Louis University) (joan.pedro [at]
  • Dafne Calvo Zúñiga (Universidad de Valladolid) (dafne.calvo [at]
  • Ana Martínez de Zárate (UNED) (azarat.ana [at]
  • Eduardo F. Rodríguez Gómez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) (edrodrig [at]
  • Gloria Rosique Cedillo (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) (grosique [at]
  • Raúl Magallón Rosa (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) (rmagallo [at]

Organizing committee of the Postconference visits to community media in different Spanish regions:

  • Andalucía: David Montero & José Candón Mena (Universidad de Sevilla, Andalucía) (dmontero [at]; jcandon [at]
  • Basque Country: Udane Goikoetxea (Universidad del País Vasco) (udane.goikoetxea [at]
  • Catalonia: Carme Mayugo (Teleduca, Barcelona) (teleduca [at]
  • Madrid: Javier García García (RICCAP, URCM, ReMC) (javito.almenara [at]