IAMCR 2019 invited abstracts

Abstract art - Robert Delaunay, 1912–13, Le Premier Disque. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abstract_art

A record number of papers and panels were accepted for presentation at IAMCR 2019. We have prepared a file with the invited abstracts for each section and working group. Download them for the sections/working groups that interest you by selecting the name(s) from the list below or download all the abstracts in a single PDF.

Emails were sent to all authors advising them whether their work was accepted for presentation at the conferennce. Inevitably, some of those emails got caught up in spam filtres or were otherwise not delivered. If you have not received the email about your proposal, we recommend you download all the abstracts in a single PDF and then do a search for your OCS number, name, or title.

These files will be updated once prior to the conference to include the papers that are actually included in the final programme. To be included in the programme, authors must confirm their participation to the heads of the section or working group by 11 April 2019 and register for the conference. Your place at the conference is not guaranteed until you have registered and paid the registration fee.

Corrections can be sent to support2019 [at] iamcr.org. They will be incorporated into the programme and the final version of these abstract books You will not see the corrections here until the final version is uploaded in July.

The links below are temporarily unavailable. They will be back soon. The link to all the abstracts in a single file is available.

Sections – Secciones

Working Groups – Grupos de trabajo