LOC Scholars Madrid 2019


The LOC Madrid 2019 awarded an international scholarship to 5 Master and PhD students to participate in the organization of IAMCR 2019, from 21 June through 12 July.

Below are the profiles of the selected organizers of IAMCR LOC MADRID 2019:

Urwa Tariq is a PhD student in Mass Communication Dept from United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). She is also a research assistant in different universities in Dubai and currently a trainee in Teaching Academy Program (TAP). She has 9+ years of executive experience in academic institution. She has a great passion for Marketing and Media and her research interests include, youth culture, citizen journalism, consumer psychology, digital media and its impact on the Youth and popular culture. 

Urwa is a participant in IAMCR 2019 and will be presenting her research paper called “Say Hello to Hallyu Nation in UAE”. Urwa states, “It feels great to be selected as a volunteer for the organizing committee. I also feel honored to represent my University and research work in this prestigious conference”

Urwa’s experience in Madrid: “It’s a wonderful city. The people are very humble, the culture is unique, and the city is just amazing.” 

Dane Michael Spudic is a PhD student in Media, Communication, and Information at Rutgers University. He works as an instructor and teaching/research assistant primarily in media studies. His research focuses on grassroots autonomous media, mostly zines/fanzines and the sociopolitical implication of such media in the digital era. He lives in Brooklyn (NYC).

Dane’s experience in Madrid: “I’m super excited to be in Madrid for the IAMCR 2019, working with the Local Organizing Committee, learning more about IAMCR, and exploring the amazing city of Madrid."

Isabel Villegas is a recent graduate in PhD in Audiovisual Communications in 2019 with a thesis entitled: “Scripted Television Formats and its sociocultural adaptation”. During her doctoral studies, she made two research at University of Roehampton (London) and Universidad de Málaga (Spain). 

Also, she has worked in different research projects founded by Spanish and European institutions. Finally, she has published a great part of her research work in academic journals. Currently, she is member of Critical Communication Research Group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra. 

Isabel's experience in Madrid: “I am very excited to work on the organization of a huge and important international congress as IAMCR. Moreover, I have been in Madrid several times because I love it here. This place is exciting and full of opportunities”

Nancy Brian Mbaya is from Nigeria and a PhD student of Media Studies at the University of Chester, United Kingdom. Her research is on News Media Representations of Women in Conflict. She is a University teacher and have attended several conferences in Canada, Columbia and US.

Nancy will be attending the Pre-Conference as a participant. She states “IAMCR conference is one of its kind and a one stop conference for media and communication scholars, practitioners and researchers worldwide”. 

Nancy's experience in Madrid: “It’s well laid out roads and pavements with trees lining both sides; the imposing architectural structures and buildings; and the very welcoming people are amazing. I can’t wait to explore this beautiful city and listen to the many diverse academic papers and current researches on communication and media”

Cecilia Mariana Lemme is from Argentina and a Master student at the National University of Tres de Febrero of Urban Social Policies. She is doing a research stay at the Complutense of Madrid University on childhood issues. She is also a teacher and has worked in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires for 8 years in government management.


Cecelia's experience in Madrid: “I´m very happy to participate in such an important international congress and be part of the organization. Madrid is an incredible city and I welcome all to visit this wonderful place”.