Political Economy of Communication: the future of the field

An IAMCR pre-conference event

Description: The event will focus on the Political Economy of Communications state of the art and the future of the field, through different regions (Ibero-America, US and Western Europe, Asia and Africa) and long standing concerns.

The event will feature four sessions to discuss the current situation of the studies, concerning key issues from the Political Economy of Communications perspective, trying to identify/study in depth them from particular national/regional experience. Each session will focus on one region, with three speakers and a discussant.

A book compiling all the papers will be published. 

Location: Madrid

Date and time: 6 July 2019 -10:00 to 20:00

Participation and registration: Registration is required and will be free of charge. Contact the organisers for further information


  • Dra. Ana I. Segovia (President of ULEPICC-ESPAÑA, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)
  • Dr. Francisco Sierra (President of ULEPICC). University of Seville
  • Dr. Luis Albornoz (Director of ‘Audiovisual Diversity’ research group, Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain)
  • Dr. Rodrigo Gómez (UACM- Cuajimalpa de México)


  • ULEPICC (Latin Union for Political Economy of Information, Communication and Culture), a not-for-profit scientific association of professors and researchers from Spain and Latin America. The association is organized in two regional associations -Spain and Brazil- and a federal one that includes other individual members from other Latin American countries.

ULEPICC's main objectives are: to stimulate the critical and plural thought about the emerging problems in communication, information and culture; to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences between researchers and professors; and to participate in the public agenda of communication policies to democratize the social space.

Website: https://ulepicc.org/

Contact: fcompoliticas@gmail.com