Servicios de WiFi

Free Wifi Connection for IAMCR 2019 in Madrid


Network key : congresosUCM (*)


Password: aieri19 (*)

Instructions for access to the requested conference:

General information

Connection process

First, it will be necessary to display the list of available wireless networks on the device and select the UCM-CONGRESO network. In case of being the first time (*) that connects to the UCM-CONGRESO network, the network password will be requested:

Network key: congresosUCM (*)

If you have previously connected to the UCM-CONGRESO network with the same device, this key will be stored and it will not be necessary to enter it. The authentication portal of the UCM Congress Wireless Network will automatically open. If it does not appear, you will have to open a web browser and enter any URL (eg: and it will be automatically redirected to the authentication portal. A form appears on the portal, where you have to enter the following generic credentials (*) for all users and click on the Login button:


Password: aieri19 (*)

These credentials will be valid from the working day prior to the start of the congress and until the day following the end of the congress. Once the credentials are entered, an informative page will appear and the connection will be established.  

Requirements in the configuration of user equipment It is essential that in the network configuration of the user equipment be: Enabled automatic request for IP address (by DHCP) and DNS servers. Not having a proxy server defined in the Internet Browser settings.   Available services In the wireless network of congresses the following services are available: Web browsing (http and https protocols) Establishment of VPN tunnels (Virtual Private Network) only to the outside of the UCM SSH (Secure SHell).


The problems with wireless connectivity will be addressed by the organizers of the congress.

The Computer Services (SSII) only support:

Wireless coverage problems in the zones defined as WIFI zone and that are reflected as such in the coverage maps available on the SSII website.

Connectivity problems that affect all users. For example, problems with credentials, problems with assigning IP addresses, etc. These problems would be faced by all users.

If a problem arises during the congress, you should call the numbers 1031 or 8033 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to receive support. These incidents are treated with immediate attention.

Any problem with the configuration of the assistant's equipment such as laptops or mobile devices can not be resolved by the SSII.

In the CAU, incidents can only be opened to UCM personnel. Therefore, it is advisable that there is someone responsible for the congress, who is a personal of the UCM, to channel the problems of the assistants and that is able to determine if it is a problem that should be scaled to the SSII.