Membership Committee

The Membership Committee plays a central role in the recruitment, retention and integration of members. Its activities cover three principal areas:

Member benefits: The committee seeks to ensure that IAMCR members are provided with benefits and services outside the annual conference. The committee evaluates existing services and benefits available and makes recommendations for new or improved ones, including but not limited to:

  • benefits provided by third parties for IAMCR members, such as special pricing on publications and fees for conferences and seminars or better access to publishing opportunities, grants, scholarships, and learning opportunities;
  • benefits developed within IAMCR’s own network, such as publications, a mentoring programme, peer support advice for course development or proposal writing, and improved opportunities for year-round networking. 

Communication and promotion: The committee evaluates and oversees promotional materials, messages and strategies directed at current and potential members. These include:

  • the annual membership renewal campaign (content, strategy, “experience”);
  • promotional materials including texts on the website, the conference website, the use of social media;
  • orientation sessions and materials for new members;
  • newsletter and other mailing to the membership.

Questions to be looked at include: Are the benefits of IAMCR membership clearly communicated?  What other activities, platforms, strategies and content could be incorporated into a member communication strategy? Would a potential member be convinced that membership in IAMCR is a worthwhile investment?

Research and consultation: The committee conducts research and consultation activities in order to better understand the needs and interests of members. Research and consultation support the other two activity areas, allowing us to know what members value about their membership, what their expectations are, what they are willing to contribute, and how aware they are of the benefits of IAMCR membership.

Committee members

Chair: TBA

Members: Yik Chan Chin, Olesya Venger, Leah Jerop Komen, Jude William Genilo, Valeria Zamisch (IAMCR Secretariat) and Gerard Goggin (EB liaison)