IAMCR Membership Fees

IAMCR membership fees (Currency: USD)

IAMCR annual membership is for the calendar year. Fees are determined by your membership category and the income level of the country/territory in which you currently reside. Students, researchers and teaching staff at a university outside of their home country/territory must join at the income level of the country/territory of the host university.

The list below details the current fees.


High Income Economy

Middle Income Economy

Low Income Economy

Regular 180 80 30
Casual staff member (*) 130 60 25

Student (**) / Retired

60 30 10

Allied members (***)




Institutional member (up to 10 representatives plus 10 student representatives) 680 310 150
Institutional member (additional representative) (****) 70 30 15

(*) The casual staff membership category includes: (1) "contract or part time researchers or lecturers on a 1-year or less non-permanent and non-tenure track contract; (2) contract or part time researchers and lecturers employed part time at less than 50%; (3) postdoctoral research fellows."

(**) Student membership is for registered fulltime students who have not yet obtained a PhD. Evidence of fulltime student status may be required.

(***) This membership category is available to current paid-up members of the Asociación Latinoamericana de Investigadores de la Comunicación (ALAIC) and the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC).

(****) Additional representatives must be faculty or registered students of the institutional member.