IAMCR Membership Fees

IAMCR membership fees (Currency: USD)

IAMCR annual membership is for the calendar year. Fees are determined by your membership category and the country in which you currently reside. Students, researchers and teaching staff at a university outside of their home country are considered residents of the country of the host university.

The list below details the current fees.

High Income Country

Middle Income Country

Low Income Country

Regular 180 80 30
Casual staff member (*) 130 60 25

Student (**) / Retired

60 30 10

Allied members (***)




Institutional member (up to 10 representatives plus 10 student representatives) 680 310 150
Institutional member (additional representative) 70 30 15

(*) The casual staff membership category includes: (1) "contract or part time researchers or lecturers on a 1-year or less non-permanent and non-tenure track contract; (2) contract or part time researchers and lecturers employed part time at less than 50%; (3) postdoctoral research fellows."

(**) Student membership are for registered fulltime students who have not yet obtained a PhD.

(***) This membership category is available to current paid-up members of the Asociación Latinoamericana de Investigadores de la Comunicación (ALAIC) and the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC).