Mexico 2009 - Popular Culture Working Group Call for Papers

Mexico 2009 - Popular Culture Working Group Call for PapersThe Popular Culture Working Group of the International Association for Media and Communication Research announces its call for papers for the IAMCR Congress in Mexico City, Mexico, (July 21-24, 2009). The conference theme for the 2009 Congress is “Human Rights and Communication."

Web details for the conference are available at:


Papers from a range of perspectives on popular culture topics will be considered.   Abstracts should be a maximum of 400 words, and should outline the proposed topic and give a clear indication of the general perspective and theoretical orientation of the paper.    

Please include your name and title (as you would like it to appear on the programme), job title, department, university, and full contact details.   Email will be the normal form of communication with you.

Abstracts must be received by me by February 16th 2009.   Email as Word attachment or RTF attachment to barry.king[AT]

I will let you know whether your proposed paper can be included in the programme by March 29th March 2009.

The deadline for full papers is 1st July 2009.

Please note that as a policy, IAMCR does not permit the submission of the same abstract to more than one section.

Questions specifically about the Popular Culture Working Group should come to me at

For general information about the conference, please do NOT contact me.  Instead try the IAMCR website or the conference website (listed above).   Please note that I have no responsibility for conference registration fees and cannot comment on your eligibility for reduced rates.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who would like to be involved in the Popular Culture Working Group, even if you do not intend to submit a proposed paper for 2009.   I will then keep you informed of future plans.  Email to Barry King at barry.king and please included your name and contact details.

Professor Barry King
Centre for Performance Studies,
Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies,
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand