Flow34 videos and podcasts

Flow34 is a stream for innovative audio/visual contributions. Flow34 aims to stimulate the use of a broader range of modes for the communication of academic knowledge, complementing conference papers and oral presentations with creative audio and/or visual work. The stream features 22 videos and a podcast that integrate academic and aesthetic dimensions, and that use sound and/or image creatively to communicate academic knowledge. The Flow34 videos and podcasts will be freely accessible to all from 11 July to 11 September.

The works are arranged in panels under 6 broad themes.

Alternatives - This panel involves four visual presentations that explore knowledge derived from non-Western civilization frameworks, independence processes in Asia and Africa, the role of the material in alternative magazines, and the creative journey of the ‘life’ of the Sicilian home movie. Therefore, the panel's audio and/or visual work focuses on alternative narratives, alternative communication and media, and alternative frameworks of knowledge.

Gender and Feminism - Five presentations that analyse gender and women's rights within different contexts and from various perspectives. The presentations explore the normalisation of violence towards women in movies, depict various profiles of inspirational women, outline the type of documentary filmmaking that can be used to tell feminist stories and in feminist activism, study the visual representations of women through the eyes of childhood, and explore the issues that female journalists face.

Re-inclusions - Works that focus on stigmatisation, social isolation, racism, coloniality, and limitations in the contexts of Belgium, Pakistan, Colombia, and Portugal. The presentations let people with disabilities speak, identify and express their interactions, their social spatialisations, and the limitations and barriers that constitute their life experience; translate expressions of artists of colour into a visual poetic trip that may serve as a source for artists of colour to recognise and combat the various elements of marginalisation; provide investigative insights into the multiple dimensions associated with the Pakistani street performers using the monkey as their props; and reflect on the history and present effects of the power dynamics, resistance and the enduring fathoms that haunt us still today.

Reflecting about the digital - This panel involves three visual presentations which explore the economic, political, cultural, and social transformations brought about by the rise of digital technologies, particularly in the media and telecommunications. The presentations question how computational tools shape and prioritise certain knowledge, practices, and aesthetics, the fast growth of digital along with its disruptions and challenges, and the ownership of the internet infrastructure.

Urban and Domestic Spaces - The audio and/or visual presentations in the Urban and Domestic Spaces panel document domestic work performed by women, explore the expression of the body and the ways of representing it, study the representation of a city as a medium for the memories and experiences of its inhabitants and question how smaller communities foster creativity, collaboration, and conviviality, in what ways a lower cost of living and rural landscape impact the cultural producer, and how the media shapes not only symbolic life, but also a physical life and how it provides not only metaphoric cement, but also real cement, which constructed the cities.

War and Death - The War and Death Panel has two visual works, one traces the emergence of direct camera face-offs between Palestinian and Israeli cameras and the other explores the data which evolved during the production of a poetic documentary regarding death practices followed mostly by funeral professionals.

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'I'm the last person you'd work with'. Funeral Professionals' Place in Death Rites