Flow34 - Reflecting about the digital

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The abstracts of the papers submitted for presentation have been compiled in the abstract books. You can consult them here.

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IAMCR 2021 is now over. We hope to see you at IAMCR 2022, hosted by Tsinghua University in Beijing.

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All the plenary sessions remain online. Watch them in the plenary sessions section

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All the papers and videos of IAMCR 2021 will remain online and accessible to IAMCR members until 12 September.

Flow34 - Reflecting about the digital

This panel involves three visual presentations which explore the economic, political, cultural, and social transformations brought about by the rise of digital technologies, particularly in the media and telecommunications. The presentations question how computational tools shape and prioritise certain knowledge, practices, and aesthetics, the fast growth of digital along with its disruptions and challenges, and the ownership of the internet infrastructure.


Véronique Wavre, Lisa Garbe, Tina Freyburg and Pia Valaer (University of St. Gallen)

Digital Kenya

Dani Madrid-Morales and Sahar Hamzah (University of Houston)

To know a site

Fidelia Lam (University of Southern California, Media Arts and Practice)