Section and Working Group Online Video Sessions

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Today's plenary: Identity and Intersectionality, plus the Closing Plenary. Watch them in the plenary sessions section

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All the papers and videos of IAMCR 2021 will remain online and accessible to IAMCR members until 12 September.

Section and Working Group Online Video Sessions

You can also consult a visual presentation of the day-by-day video schedule.


IAMCR's sections and working groups prepared 30 Online Sessions for IAMCR 2021. Sessions will be first presented at the times shown below, and will remain online until 11 September. Only IAMCR members logged in and registered for the conference have access to the video sessions and the commenting platform.

Audience Section- NOW ONLINE

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Meet the section leadership, its members, and their work

Chair: Asta Zelenkauskaite

Speakers: Minna Aslama (University of Helsinki), Melissa Beattie (Independent Scholar), Katarzyna Kopecka-Piech (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University) and Miguel Vicente (University of Valladolid)

Introduction to section members and their work

Chair: Asta Zelenkauskaite

Speakers: Carolina Martinez (Malmo University), Charusimita Charusimita (Independent Researcher), Gabriela Sued (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Marie-Luise von Berg (University of Greifswald), Jakob Jünger (University of Greifswald), Chikezie Uzuegbunam- University of CapeTown), Xiaohan Zhang (University of International Relations)a nd Nansong Zhou (University of International Relations)

Comic Art Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Visions of Comic Art around the world

Chairs: Jorge Salvador Anaya and Citlaly Aguilar Campos

Speakers: Alberto Anaya Díaz, Danghelly Giovanna Zúñiga Reyes and Andre Pase

Communication in Post- and Neo-Authoritarian Societies Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Journalism Cultures and Media in China and Russia: Collaborations and Complexities

Chairs: Katja Lehtisaari, Anastasia Grusha and Michael Meyen

Speakers: Kamilla Nigmatullina, Xi Zhu, Lerong Jia, Miao Tang and Svetlana Pasti

Communication Policy and Technology Section - NOW ONLINE

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Anti-trust, Market Power and Platforms

Chair: Jeremy Shtern

Speakers: Zhang Weiyu, Jeremy Shtern, Dwayne Winseck and Opeyemi Akanbi

Community Communication and Alternative Media Section - NOW ONLINE

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Conversation linking the past to the future

Speakers: Ismenia Ahue Cuellar, Eliana Herrera, Dolly Almeida Ahue, Jair Vega, Camilo Pérez, Orlay Durán, Amparo Cadavid

Crisis Security and Conflict Communication Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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The fundamental importance of communication in peacebuilding

Chair: Virpi Salojarvi 

Speakers: Stef Pukallus, Paul Reilly,  Diana Dajer, Lydia Cole and Catherine Arthur

Diaspora and Media Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Refugee Integration in a Sharing Economy: Collective action, organizational communication and digital technologies

Chair: Amanda Alencar (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Speakers: Marie Godin (University of Oxford), Evan Easton (University of Oxford), Yijing Wang (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Sara Marino (University of the Arts London), Sofia Sanforlin (Federal University of Pernambuco), Rafael Grohmann (University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos), Daniela Jaramillo (University of Huelva), Yan Asadchy (Tallin University), Ping Sun (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Navigating diaspora and identity through mediated experiences

Chair: Sumana Chattopadhyay (Marquette University)

Speakers: Oluwafunmilayo Bode (Moshood Abiola Polytehnic), Peter Chonka (King’s College), Shashini Gamage (La Trobe University), Anna Smoliarova (St. Petersburg State University)

Diaspora, Migration and Media in The Post-Digital Era

Chair: Jessica Retis (University of Arizona)

Speakers: Isabella De Sousa Gonçalves (Johannes Gutenberg University), Xiaofeng Jia (University of Miami), Yang Yi (University of Miami), Alexander De Man (Ghent University), Aswin Punathambekar (University of Virginia), Julia Giese (Loughborough University), Diwas Bisht (Loughborough University)

Researching from the South

Chair: Sofia Zanforlin (Federal University of Pernambuco)

Speakers: Nithila Kanagasabai (Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai), João Guilherme Granja (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights), Fernanda Martinelli (University of Brasilia), Douglas-Wade Brunton (University of the West Indies)

Digital Divide Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Digital Inequalities in post pandemic world

Chairs: Anna Gladkova, moderator (Lomonosov Moscow State University) and Massimo Ragnedda, co-moderator (Northumbria University)

Speakers: Elena Vartanova (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Maria Lukina (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Padma Rani (Manipal Institute of Communication), Manjushree Naik (Manipal Institute of Communication), Carolina Escudero (University of Missouri), Yang Wang (Renmin University of China) and Shiyu Guo (Renmin University of China)

Emerging Scholars Network - NOW ONLINE

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Media and Communication After Crisis

Chair: Steph Hill

Speakers: Steph Hill, Jack Qiu Linchuan, Jessa Lingel, Dr. Mwende, Robin Mansell and Sibo Chen

Environment, Science, and Risk Communication Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Youth & Climate

Chair: Pieter Maeseele (University of Antwerp)

Speakers: Elisabeth Eide (Oslo Metropolitan University), Risto Kunelius (University of Helsinki), Michelle Seelig and Aya Sami Shata (University of Miami), Wu Li, Carrie Yang and Pengya Ai (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Ethics, Communication and Democracy: A Global Challenge

Chair: Fernando Oliveira Paulino

Speakers: Ines Drefs, Isabella Kurkowski, Janara Nicolleti, Rogerio Christofoletti, Julian Beuter, Jana Marie Bertermann, K:arla Kallenbach, Lenin Martell Gamez, Laura Martinez Aguila, Carolina Montiel and Silvio Waisbord

Media Ethics and journalistic practices 

Chair: Isabel Serrano Maillo

Discussant: Esther Martinez Pastor

Speakers: Kanchan K. Malik, Jennifer Bowen, Firasat Jabeen and Muthoni King'ori

Gender and Communication Section - NOW ONLINE

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The Impact of Feminist Journalism and Media Research

Chair: Carolyn M.Byerly (Howard University)

Speakers: Carolyn M.Byerly (Howard University), Aimee Vega Montiel (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Jad Melki (Lebanese American University), Carla Cerqueira (University of Minho), Frieda Werden (Women’s International News gathering Service) and Waijha Raza Rizvi (Beaconhouse National University)

Global Media Policy - NOW ONLINE

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Decolonizing Digital Rights

Chairs: Claudia Padovani, and Dennis Redeker

Speakers: Lisa Garcia, Grace Mutung’u, Guilherme Canela de Souza Godoi, Juan Ortiz Freuler, Marianne Franklin and Arne Hintz

Health Communication Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Communicating COVID: Transforming society one pandemic at a time

Chair: Monique Lewis (Griffith University)

Speakers: Mohan Dutta (Massey University), Eliza Govender (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Sarah Gibson (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Ravindra Kumar Vemula (Shillong University) and Kate Holland (University of Canberra)

History Section - NOW ONLINE

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Chair: Christian Schwarzenegger (University of Salzburg)

Speakers: Nelson Ribiero (Universidade Católica Portuguesa), Valerie Schafer (University of Luxembourg), Christian Schwarzenegger (University of Salzburg), Erik Koenen (University of Bremen), Susan Aasman (University of Groningen), Tim van Der Heijden (University of Luxembourg), Tom Slootweg (University of Groningen), Katie Good Day (University of Miami) and Niklas Venema (Freie Universität Berlin)

International Communication Section - NOW ONLINE

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The International Community of Academics in the Covid and Post-Covid Scenarios

Chair: Karen Arriaza Ibarra (Complutense University of Madrid)

Speakers: Kateryna Kasianenko (The University of Tokyo), Deqiang Ji (Communication University of China), Daya Thussu (Hong Kong Baptist University), Raquel Paiva (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Andrew O'Baoill (New University of Ireland at Galway), Catalina-Mihaela Iordache (Vrije Universiteit Brussel - SMIT) and Tim Raats (Vrije Universiteit Brussel - SMIT)

Islam and Media Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Islamophobia and Freedom of Expression

Chair: Bushra H. Rahman (University of the Punjab Lahore)

Speakers: Qibla Ayaz (Peshawar University), Surinderpal Kaur (University of Malaya), Zafar Iqbal (University Islamabad) and Basyouni Ibrahim Hamada (Qatar University)

Journalism Research and Education Section - NOW ONLINE

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Trauma in international journalism: Toward an education agenda

Speakers: Ola Ogunyemi, network convener (University of Lincoln), Lada Price, deputy network convener (Sheffield Hallam University), Stephen Jukes (Bournemouth University), Paul Beighley (Trauma specialist), Michelle Betz ((Michelle Betz Media Development), Roderick Orner (University of Lincoln), Abeer Saady (Dortmund University), Jo Healey (Senior BBC reporter) and Guilherme Canella (Chief of Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists Section for UNESCO)

Dateline Kerala contours of news coverage in the state that ‘slayed’ coronavirus

Speakers: Padma Rani (Manipal Institute of Communication), Krishnapriya TK (Manipal Institute of Communication), Einar Thorsen (Bournemouth University) and Chindu Sreedharan (Manipal Institute of Communication)

From Cross / Multimedia to Transmedia in the Hybrid Media System: A comparative analysis covering the pandemic

Speakers: Anna Serrano Telleria (University of Castilla La Mancha) and Luis Mauricio Calvo Rubio (University of Castilla La Mancha)

Media Education Research Section - NOW ONLINE

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Is Media Education a Movement or a Field?

Chair: Stuart. R. Poyntz

Speakers: Jeff Share, Ylva Rodny-Gumede, Colin Chasi, Annamária Neag and Kiran Vinod Bhatia

Law Section - Live Interactive Forum

The Law Section held its live interactive forum titled "Platform Regulation and Fundamental Rights" on 15 July.

Watch the recording of this forum >

This section did not participate in Online Video Sessions.

Media, Communication & Sport Section - NOW ONLINE

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Speakers: Riika Turtiainen, Dana Weimann-Saks, Yaron Ariel, Vered Elishar-Malka, Veronika Mackova, Derek Moscato, Thomas Horky

Media Sector Development Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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China's Influence on Media Development in Africa

Chair: Susan Abbott

Speakers: Winston Mano, Emeka Umejei, Francis Sowa, Gregory Gondwe, Bob Wekesa

Media development curricula from around the world

Chair: Ines Drefs

Speakers: Joya Chakraborty, Christoph Dietz, Winston Mano, viola milton

Disinformation and its Implications on Media Development: From Research to Action

Chair: Peter Cunliffe-Jones

Speakers: Luis Hurtado Razo, Ana Jacoby, Deepanjali Abeywardana, Courtney Radsch, Tara Susman-Pena, Emilie Lehmann-Jacobsen

Media Development in Political Transitions

Chair: Heather Gilberds

Speakers: Tarik Jusic, Mary Myers, Antonina Cherevko, Maksym Dvorovyi and Henok Fente

Music, Audio, Radio & Sound Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Competing sounds? Podcasting and Music

Co-Chairs: Ellis Jones and Jeremy Morris

Speakers: Craig Hamilton, Simon Baber, Kate Halloway, J. Ignacio Gallego, and Alyxandra Vesey

Participatory Communication Research Section - NOW ONLINE

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Ana Duarte Melo (University of Minho / CECS)
Dorismilda Flores-Marquez (Universidad De La Salle Bajío)

Speakers: Colin Chasi (University of Johannesburg), Lauren Dyll (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Dr. Dorothy Njoroge (United States International University-Africa), Wallace Chuma (University of Cape Town) and Monica Chibita (Uganda Christian University)

Political Communication Research Section - NOW ONLINE

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Speakers: Waqaz Ejaz (National University of Science and Technology), Natalie Whittaker (University of Liverpool), Antal Wozniak (University of Liverpool), Frederic Guerrero (Pompeu Fabra University), Kristoffer Holt (Linnaeus University) and Sydney Forde (The Pennsylvania State University)

Political Economy Section - NOW ONLINE

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Is Digital Globalism Dead? 

Chair: Yu Hong (Zhejiang University)

Speakers: Yu Hong (Zhejiang University), Haiqing Yu (RMIT), Nina Luzhou Li (Monash University), Maximiliano Vila Seoane (National University of San Martin), Daya Thussu (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Terry Flew (University of Sydney)

Popular Culture Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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The Politics of Representation

Chair: Frederik Dhaenens (Ghent University)

Speakers: Haley Rains (University of Carlifornia), Elisa Paz (Independent scholar), Anouk De Ridder (University of Antwerp), Anke Lion (Ghent University), Yiran Gao (University of Illinois) and Niall Brennan (Fairfield University)

Public Service Media Policies Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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The Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto

Chair: Klaus Unterberger, ORF- Österreichischer Rundfunk (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)

Speakers: Christian Fuchs (University of Westminster), Minna Horowitz (University of Helsinki), Alessandro D'Arma (University of Westminster), Leonhard Dobusch (University of Innsbruck), Barbara Thomass (University of Bochum), Jack L. Qiu (National University of Singapore), Luciana Musello (Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador) and Roy Cobby Avaira (King’s College London, United Kingdom)

Religion and Communication Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Speakers: Yoel Cohen, Tuvia Gering, and Joseph Muyangata

Rural Communication Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Rural Communication: Reflections and dialogue on the field

Chair: Sarah Cardey

Speakers: Stella Tirol, Dorcas Busola Sebiotimo, Rico Lie, Valentina Amorighoye, Elske vandeFliert, Antonio Asinyo, Mario Acunzo, Maiwand Abrahimzai, Ataharul Chowdhry and Samrat Sikdar 

Visual Culture Working Group - NOW ONLINE

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Speakers: Thomas Wiedemann, Cee-Roo, Xueyang Cheng, Neethu Nandakumar, Vasupradha Srikrishna, Ines Gil, Sergei Glotov , Tom Lisboa and Kristian Jeff Agustin