2021 draft online video programme

The IAMCR 2021 online conference formally began on 11 July with an opening plenary at 12h00 UTC/GMT. At 13h00 UTC the first of the pre-recorded section and working group video sessions was presented. New video sessions will be made available every hour after that from 08h00 to 19h00 UTC. Daily plenary sessions will be at noon UTC until Thursday, when the conference comes to a close after the final plenary.

The times given below are the launch times for each video, but don’t worry. If the one you want to see happens to be 4 in the morning where you are, it will still be available when you get up, and all the videos will continue to be online until 11 September.

Shown below are the launch times for the 5 plenary sessions, 31 section and working group pre-recorded video sessions and 12 special and invited sessions. The time on the left is UTC/GMT, and on the right is Nairobi time (UTC+3).

It is possible that there will be minor changes to this programme.

The more than 1,000 Online Conference papers will be available for downloading and reading beginning on 5 July and the commenting platform is ready to receive your questions and observations.

Plenaries and special and partner sessions will be open to the public. The section and working group video sessions are for IAMCR members only.

IAMCR 2021 programme