Watch IAMCR @ ICA 2021

Invited by the International Communication Association, IAMCR organised a panel for the 71st Annual ICA Conference held from 27-31 May 2021. The panel titled Rethinking borders and boundaries: Beyond the global/local dichotomy in communication studies featured 5 presentations by IAMCR members. Watch the panel's recording below.

English language captions are available. Select CC from the bottom of the video to see them.

Panel Abstract

In this panel, we will showcase work that transgresses the global/local dichotomy, and highlights the complex relationship between place, scale and communication. The transgression of this binary has been theorized in a variety of ways, though notions such as glocalisation, translocalisation and (re)appropriation, to capture the many different ways meaning travels and becomes adjusted through a series of negotiations during this movement. At the same time, contributions in the panel remain sensitive to the power dynamics that these movements entail, the material barriers it may create and the hegemonies it may protect. Moreover, the panel will also demonstrate the wide variety of areas where this complex relationship between place, scale and communication is practised and performed, and the manner in which it is complicated by networks of various kinds.


The conficteous intersection of anthropocentrism, global capitalism and the material agency of the local soil: A discursive-material analysis of the documentary film Kiruna - A Brand New World
Nico Carpentier (Charles University)

Transactional cultures and platform ecosystems in Asia
Adrian Athique (University of Queensland)
Gerard Goggin (Nanyang Technological University)

Platform work in the planetary economy: global design, local experience
Usha Raman (Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad)

Mediactivism and Art-ivism as Tools to Rethink South-to-South Communications
Andrea Medrado (School of Media and Communication, University of Westminster)

Information and Communication
Jeremy Swartz (University of Oregon)
Janet Wasko (University of Oregon)