Denis McQuail

Denis with Helena Sousa at the 2010 IAMCR conference in Braga. Photo: Luís Antonio Santos

It is with great sadness that IAMCR informs its members of the passing of Professor Denis McQuail. He died peacefully on Sunday 25th June. According to a note from his family, Denis McQuail remained sharp as ever, scribbling notes and thoughts about academic theory on the back of envelopes and scraps of paper right up to the end.

Denis McQuail was the author of innumerable works that opened the doors for so many of us, and a quite incomparable codifier of the achievements and cumulative knowledge of media and communications scholarship. He was also a friend and a generous mentor for many IAMCR members, providing leadership and guidance.

During his life, Denis McQuail has received many tributes and recognitions for his contribution to the constitution of the Media and Communication research field. He shall not be forgotten by the IAMCR community.

With our deepest condolences to his family.

Janet Wasko
President, IAMCR