Political Economy of Communication

Volume 4, Number 1 of The Political Economy of Communication has recently appeared. Guest editors Brett Caraway and Jessica Lapp, both from the University of Toronto, focused the issue on Circuits of Struggle, the theme of the 2015 conference of the Union for Democratic Communications (UDC), an organization of communication researchers, academics, activists, journalists, policy analysts, and media producers that encourages critical perspectives in communication theory and media studies.

Full contents of the journal are available online at http://polecom.org/index.php/polecom/index

The Political Economy of Communication is an open access journal published twice yearly by IAMCR's Political Economy Section. It showcases original research from established and emerging scholars and commentaries on contemporary media-related issues. The journal especially invites contributions which reflect upon the political economy of communication as an evolving field of intellectual inquiry.

The Political Economy of Communication, Vol 4, No. 1


  • Editorial, Brett Caraway, Jessica Lapp
  • Circuits of Struggle?, Harry Cleaver     
  • Cybernetics and the Making of a Global Proletariat, Nick Dyer-Witheford     
  • Software and Artificial Scarcity in Digital Media, John L. Sullivan     
  • International News and the Distribution Question: China, Falun Dafa and Pluralism in Canadian Media Policy, Ian Kivelin Davis     
  • On Cultural Commons and Commoning in Aboriginal Street Art Murals: The Case of 7th Generation Image Makers, Patrick Wade MacInnis

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