Manipal Conclave 2021 - "No Travel" event

Manipal Conclave 2021 - Day 1 poster

The IAMCR-Manipal Conclave 2021 was enriched by the participation of eminent researchers, educators and emerging scholars in the field of media and communication. Dr Padmakumar K, Associate Professor, Manipal Institute of Communication, spearheaded the event with the support of IAMCR NO-TRAVEL Grants. Several pertinent topics such as environmental communication, virtual pedagogy in communication training, and other emerging research themes and perspectives were discussed in the three days of the conclave.

The event was conducted in a blended-mode. 25 participants physically attended the conclave in the auditorium and 55 members attended the conclave on-line. The IAMCR-Manipal Conclave 2021 was conducted on 13- 15 July, 2021. The 25 participants who attended the event physically got a chance to interact with the moderators and paper presenters and Snacks and refreshments were served to all of them post the event. 

The first day of the IAMCR-Manipal Conclave discussed the theme The Local and the Digital in Environmental Communication: Opportunities, Challenges and Future Prospects. The session was moderated by Dr Nandini Lakshmikantha and saw the participation of researchers from around the world.  The discussion was centered around a publication by the panel members titled ‘The Local and the Digital in Environmental Communication’. Major shifts in how the environment is communicated by researchers were discussed at length.

Day 2 of the IAMCR-Manipal Conclave 2021 saw a panel discussion on the Challenges and Prospects of Virtual Pedagogy in Journalism and Mass Communication during COVID. The discussion was moderated by Dr Shubha HS (Associate Professor & HOD- Manipal Institute of Communication, MAHE). Overall, there was an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards the efficacy of online learning. However, challenges to the smooth conduct of classes, such as the lack of sufficient internet penetration, were also acknowledged.

The third and final session of the IAMCR-Manipal Conclave 2021 witnessed the PhD research scholars of Manipal Institute of Communication presenting papers on their areas of interest. The theme was Emerging Scholars Perspectives on Media and Communication Research.