Carpentier, Nico - Endorsements

Name: Ana Milojević
Affiliation: University of Belgrade
Country: Serbia

Currently, Nico is highly involved in the work of IAMCR, much wider than just as a section chair of the Participatory Communication Research. I had a privilege to be part of the COST Action Transforming Audiences Transforming Societies, which was running very smoothly, thanks to Nico who was taking part in leading the Action. Also, as a long time ECREA member I feel that Nico has contributed very much to strengthening and flourishing of the ECREA as association. Nico is extraordinary scholar, with exeptional international reputation and networks,  and a great person. Therefore, I believe he is an exelent candidate for the President of the IAMCR.

Name: Dilek Kejanlioglu
Affiliation: Giresun University
Country: Turkey

I have been a close witness of his intellectual capacity, prolific writing and organizational abilities since 2007. We worked together in ECREA’s PhD Summer School from 2008 to 2010, during the organization of the 2012 ECREA Istanbul conference, in COST Action IS0906 (2010-2014), and recently on a project supported by the Swedish Institute at Uppsala University. I think he is the best candidate for this position.

Name: Birgitte Jallov
Affiliation: Empowerhouse
Country: Denmark

I am and have been a paid-up member of the organisations since my graduation in 1983 (or was it a few years later in 1986?). I am a member of the CCAM (and was initially furthermore active in the women's section) and Nico's knowledge of and engagement in alternative communication and the third media sector are among my reasons for my nomination.

Furthermore - also when not active and engaged with the organisation presently - I appreciate the general orientation of Nico's 'Quo Vadis' piece - and I know from collaborations and as a user of his [commlist] which is updated tirelessly all hours of the day, that he is reliable, a hard worker and a good communicator. 

All of these qualities are important for a powerful president, who has set himself quite a lot of important tasks in his nomination document.

Name: Michal Krzyzanowski
Affiliation: University of Liverpool
Country: United Kingdom

Prof. Carpentier is undoubtedly one of the key global leaders in media and communication research and a great advocate for all of key values in the IAMCR mission. 

Name: Bushra Rahman
Affiliation: University of the Punjab
Country: Pakistan

I would like to nominate Dr. Nico Carpentier for the post of president of IAMCR for I feel that the spirit of IAMCR can move forward with more vigor and commitment with him as a president of IAMCR. 

Name: Markus Ojala
Affiliation: University of Helsinki
Country: Finland

I believe there is a lot of support for Nico among members, making him an excellent candidate. I'd like to nominate Nico for president.

Name: Juha Herkman
Affiliation: University of Helsinki
Country: Finland

I strongly support Nico Carpentier for a President of IAMCR. He has been very innovative, active and supportive in running ECREA, thus I truly believe he would do the good job also in IAMCR.

Name: Hillel Nossek
Affiliation: COMAS, Tel Aviv
Country: Israel

I believe Nico is the right person for this time to push the organization in the right direction.

Name: Anu Kantola
Affiliation: University of Helsinki
Country: Finland

I am a member of IAMCR from the Department of Communication and Media Studies at the University of Helsinki. With this message, I would like to support Nico Carpentier for the next president of IAMCR. He has a great track record in international organisations and co-operation and also he has fresh ideas for IAMCR. I've followed Nico's work for a long time and I know that he is a superb organiser who at the same  time has visions for the future and I think he would be a great president for the IAMCR so I would like to nominate him.

Name: Virpi Salojärvi
Affiliation: University of Helsinki
Country: Finland

I am writing to propose Nico Carpentier for the next IAMCR presidency because he has new fresh plans for our organization. 

Name: Gary Gumpert
Affiliation: Urban Communication Foundation
Country: United States

I am pleased to nominate Nico Carpentier as the next president of IAMCR. This nomination is framed by both my longtime involvement with IAMCR, aware of its unique eclectic position among the numerous communication associations around the world, and my familiarity with him as a colleague. At a time when communication issues and problems are becoming increasing central in a complex technological world, IAMCR is unique in its eclectic and innovative openness and approach. In that regard, Carpentier’s awesome sense of organization, his extraordinary awareness of the communication discipline, makes him an ideal nominee. His stewardship of Commlist provides an important service for those who seek some level of worldwide communication event awareness.

A number of years ago, over twenty years ago, I was asked to give a lecture at the Catholic University in Brussels where I first encountered Nico Carpentier. It was an extraordinary visit in which I first got some insights into the sharp personality of Nicos framed with a combination of rigor, insights, erudition, and ambition. Years later he retains a rare sense of inquisitiveness and organization that is unique among most communication scholars. Our paths have crossed innumerable times since our first encounter: Limassol, Berlin, Leipzig, Prague, Istanbul, and Sweden. He is not simply a nomadic scholar, but one seeking answers to social and critical communication issues with a level of awareness that is rare. On a personal level, he is a friend, an editor, and a co-conspirator in the development of panels, symposia, and associations.

In particular, the relationship of the Urban Communication Foundation’s association with IAMCR has been unique. Our mission states:

“Urban communication” reflects both an emergent and interdisciplinary field. It provides a perspective from which to view the city and its transformation. urban messages, the technologies that create and disseminate them, their interrelationships, and their far-reaching effects on the lived experience within our urban environments. 

Our 1500-euro award is designed to support research already in progress or in its beginning stages. It gives priority to projects that feature innovative, inter-disciplinary, applied, and creative approaches to studying the central role of communication in the transformation of urban cultures and communities.

With Nico’s help we established a long-term cooperative arrangement between the Foundation and IAMCR and created a 5-person committee consisting of three IAMCR members and two Urban Communication Foundation representatives charged with the task of judging grant proposals. The first UCF/IAMCR Urban Communication Research Grant was awarded in 2013.

I emphasize this unique collaboration of IAMCR and UCF because it would not have succeeded without the cooperative leadership of Nico Carpentier and it represents the innovative approaches of both Nico and IAMCR.

The list of notable IAMCR leaders is impressive: Halloran, Hamelink, Nordenstreng, among others, have provided a unique vision of scholarship and mission. I think that Nico Carpentier would enhance that legacy.

Name: Sergio Quiroga
Affiliation: Centre for Social Studies (ICAES)
Country: Argentina

I write this short email to propose Dr. Nico Carpentier, a great theorist and researcher in world-class communication as president.

Name: Gabriel Kaplún
Affiliation: Universidad de la República
Country: Uruguay

I want to nominate Nico Carpentier for president of the IAMCR, for what has been his work in the Board and in the association for a long time, and for which I am sure he can do in the coming years.

Name: Anastasia Kavada
Affiliation: University of Westminster
Country: United Kingdom

I’ve known Prof Carpenter for many years, as I have taken part in some of the ECREA summer schools that he has co-organized. I think that he is very serious, hard-working, thoughtful and fair-minded. He is devoted to the development and education of early career scholars. His work is interesting and critical and I’m sure that he will advance the interests of the IAMCR.

Name: David Katiambo
Affiliation: Technical University of Kenya
Country: Kenya

I have followed Nico’s contributions to the organization of intellectual activities, from organising PhD summer schools in Europe and China to providing leadership to the IAMCR Participatory Communication Research Section. I had the privilege of taking part in the 2017 ECREA’s PhD Summer School in Milan, under Nico’s leadership, and the Uppsala Winter School that he convened in person. Through this Schools and his writings, I feel Nico has contributed in many ways to smoothening the PhD journeys of many candidates from the Global South. I believe he is an excellent candidate for the position of President of the IAMCR.

Name: Blerjana Bino
Affiliation: European University of Tirana
Country: Albania

It is with great honor to endorse Prof Carpentier for the position of President of IAMCR. I have had the privilege to collaborate with him on various occasions and I have learned so much from him. He has been an inspiration for me long before I met him, while reading and following his work since I was a Master student at LSE. As a Swedish Institute Fellow, Prof. Carpentier was my supervisor for my PhD research in Uppsala University and to me he is a role model. He is not only an exceptional scholar, but he is a great person too. I strongly believe he will make a difference for IAMCR.

Name: Adilson Cabral
Affiliation: Fluminense Federal University
Country: Brazil

I support Nico's candidacy for the critical perspective and always supportive way of working. Hoping the best for the future of the institution. 

Name: Arun John
Affiliation: University of Hyderabad
Country: India

I am Arun John, Doctoral Scholar at University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India. I am also teaching at the Annapurna School of Film and Media at Hyderabad, India. This mail is with regard to my endorsement for Prof Nico Carpentier to the position of The President, IAMCR. My first introduction to Nico was through the scholarship be offered to the discipline, until I met him in person during the IAMCR, Hyderabad in 2014. Soon after that, during my early years as an amateur scholar, I got the opportunity to attend a winter school conducted by Nico and others at Jinan University, Guangzhou, China in 2016. Even though that was my first experience at a PhD winter school, I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of candidates and the quality of discussion Nico and his team encouraged. The professionalism displayed was spectacular and the intellectual fervour of the winter school was infectious. Soon after that, in 2017 I also got to know him better at IAMCR, Cartagena.  Nico has always taken his time out from his busy schedule to guide me and many others in our PhD journey. Nico has fostered academic networks and connected scholars who work on similar fields in his capacity thereby forming an informal system of knowledge exchange. The Participatory Communication Research Section of the IAMCR has done phenomenal work under his able leadership and extended the work of the section across different geographies making the section truly International. I believe the IAMCR as an Organization has always upheld democratic values and prioritised Internationalism. Professor Nico Carpentier, I believe would further the cause of IAMCR and do justice to the office. I endorse Professor Nico Carpentier for the position of the President, IAMCR.

Name: Elena Vartanova
Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Country: Russia

I fully support Nico’s vision of how IAMCR should be developing in today’s digital world. His vast experience in international collaboration, research and teaching, as well as his strategic vision of IAMCR’s aims and objectives make him an ideal candidate for presidency. I have known Nico for many years and I’m sure he will contribute to the IAMCR’s further successful development as one of the leading academic communities in the world.

Name: Alejandro Barranquero
Affiliation: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Country: Spain

I endorse the candidacy of Nico Carpentier for his unparalleled capacity to create and strengthen North-South academic networks, as well as for the interesting research lines he opened in the field of participation in the media.

Name: Alice Němcová Tejkalová
Affiliation: Charles University
Country: Czech Republic

I would like to support Nico Carpentier in his run for presidency of IAMCR. I believe Nico can continue in all the good that has been done by the current President Janet Wasko and the whole Executive Board, and his programme for the future of IAMCR deeply resonates with my perspective of this organization.

Name: Zaeem Yasin
Affiliation: Lahore College for Women University
Country: Pakistan

I would like to support Nico Carpentier in his run for presidency of IAMCR. I found Nico a competent and intelligent person during AMCAP Doctoral Spring School 2020 held in Lahore, Pakistan. I believe Nico has the ability to run this organization very well. He will be an asset for IAMCR and he deeply resonates with my perspective of this organization.

Name: Andrea Medrado
Affiliation: Universidade Federal Fluminense
Country: Brazil

I support Nico Carpentier for President because he has extensive experience in the association, having worked as the Treasurer and as the Chair of the Participatory Research Section (PCR). Nico has a clear vision for the association, which he has shared on a reflection on his website (Quo Vadis IAMCR? - on He has also been sharing some of his thoughts about IAMCR and its future on a series of videos entitled "Lockdown Fireside Talks" (also on his website). Nico is very well connected with scholars from literally all corners of the world. He is able to listen and empathise with the hardships that many scholars are facing, particularly in the Global South, and I am confident that he will work hard towards increasing their (our) participation. In sum, Nico is very well prepared to take on the responsibility of becoming the President of IAMCR.

Name: Yiming Chen
Affiliation: Uppsala University
Country: Sweden

I wish to endorse Prof. Nico Carpentier to be the next president of IAMCR. Nico and I have been working together for several years; we have achieved many remarked goals. For instance, we successfully designed and organized an international winter school in participation and communication studies at Jinan University (Guangzhou, China). In this process, I found that Nico is full of responsibility with rich experience, having excellent communication and patience. In particular, he is always thoughtful to keep equality, justice, diversity and balance in the organization, at the same time, both being professional and having international outlook are also his crucial principles. Therefore, I do believe that IAMCR would become brighter and more promising under his leadership. Lastly, I do wish the Chinese academic voice will be made more visible in IAMCR.

Name: Emrakeb A. Woldearegay
Affiliation: University of Oregon
Country: United States

This is to endorse Nico CARPENTIER as a president of IAMCR. 

And my one wish for the future of IAMCR is as follows:

One of the reasons IAMCR was formed is because of its embodied ambition to de-westernize communication and media studies. Hence, I wish IAMCR advises some of its reviewers, usually those from the Global North, from always asking similar questions: “What makes this paper relevant aside from being about country X? Why should we care about country X?” ... However, they never ask these questions for papers from the US or Europe. Because the academics in the Global North have the historical expediency of being the first in line, it ought not be that those who belong in it should be the ones that have easy access to it. It is like a white privilege; while the racing track field is paved on the side of the Global North, it is full of potholes and hurdles on the side of the Global South. How can we compete, how can we be part of the politics of citations, if we were prevented or disqualified at the outset?

As an early-career researcher from Global South, I’m beginning to feel despondent by the limited of access to international conferences and journals. I question the shared set of problems affecting the very conditions of knowledge production in contemporary academia. Since it is now based on the neoliberal university model, it has become more and more globally embedded. It is driven by the priorities of competition and self-entrepreneurship that have prompted the widespread adoption of control mechanisms such as performance audits and measures of academic production, accelerating, among other things, the increasing precariousness of doctoral students and early-career researchers like me and constituting forms of alienation. I am looking for an academia that allows us to contrast outcome-driven research practices with an alternative space, however temporary, to interrogate the conditions of possibility for research as well as its lived, on-the-ground realities. 

Name: Fernando Nobre Cavalcante
Affiliation: Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Country: Brazil

I support the candidacy of Nico Carpentier.

Name: Chikezie E. Uzuegbunam
Affiliation: University of Cape Town
Country: South Africa

I have known Prof Nico Carpentier since 2014 when I first joined IAMCR as a young postgraduate student. That year I won one of IAMCR's competitive travel grants to attend the conference at Hyderabad, India. Nico would be the first IAMCR executive with whom I had the privilege of corresponding and it was him who gave me the first impression of what IAMCR is like as an association: a welcoming, diverse, and progressive association that nurtures and supports even early career scholars. I would later meet Nico again at a conference in United Arab Emirates in 2015 - and indeed at other IAMCR conferences - he never fails to engage me in a friendly chat and to leave me with encouragement to keep working hard in our field. I strongly endorse Nico because I believe he has been a long-standing member who knows both the potentials and challenges of the association. As a scholar with global visibility who has a keen interest in evolving a paradigm shift in academia - one that is devoid of antagonism and inhumane practices - it is my belief that his leadership is poised to take IAMCR to the next level.

Name: Ana Lúcia Nunes de Sousa
Affiliation: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil

I strongly support the candidacy of Nico Carpentier for the presidency of IAMCR. I truly believe that Nico can make important changes that our Association needs. I have been following his work in the last years and I am always surprised by his commitment, modesty and hard work to promote IAMCR and PCR around the world, with special attention to the global south. I had the opportunity to work with him, organizing one of the many events which he organized last year. I am sure that his spirit of justice, organization, and dignity will help IAMCR to be more inclusive and democratic.

Apoyo firmemente la candidatura de Nico Carpentier para la presidencia de IAMCR. Realmente creo que Nico puede hacer los cambios importantes que nuestra Asociación necesita. He estado acompañando su trabajo en los últimos años y siempre estoy sorprendida por su compromiso, modestia y arduo trabajo para promover IAMCR y PCR en todo el mundo, con especial atención al sur global. Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con él, organizando uno de los muchos eventos que organizó el año pasado. Estoy segura de que su espíritu de justicia, organización y dignidad ayudará a IAMCR a ser más inclusiva y democrática.

Candidate for: