van de Fliert, Elske - Endorsements

Name: Leah Komen
Affiliation: Daystar University
Country: Kenya

I have  known Elske as a an astute scholar, a caring individual and in touch with IAMCR members needs.

Her workmanship as TREASURER attest to her big heart for all and in particular those from Africa who have benefited from the scholarship. During the lunch dates with  travel grants  awardees  Elske has reached out to know beyond  just the names of the people but shown great interest in people's own career growth.

I wish to support her nomination for the second term.

Name: Sandra Ristovska
Affiliation: University of Colorado Boulder
Country: United States

I believe Elske has done an amazing job over the last few years, and it'd be great if she could serve for another term. I also think continuity at this position is particularly important for IAMCR. 

Name: Alejandro Barranquero
Affiliation: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Country: Spain

Else van der Fliert is one of the most credited voices in the fields of community media and development communication in Australia. I support her work and candidacy for the Executive Board of IAMCR.

Name: Emrakeb A. Woldearegay
Affiliation: University of Oregon
Country: United States

This is to endorse Elske van de FLIERT as treasurer of IAMCR.

Candidate for: