CPN elections postponed

This message from the heads of the Communication Post- and Neo-Authoritarian Societies Working Group was distributed to all the working group members on 30 April 2020.

Dear IAMCR Communication Post- and Neo-Authoritarian Societies Working Group members,

Hope you are well and safe in these exceptional times. As you know, the annual IAMCR conference is moving online, with new features. Here are some further updates from our Working Group:

Forthcoming WG Heads elections
The Communication in Post- and Neo-Authoritarian Societies WG would have had Heads elections this year, as usually every 4th year. Given the extraordinary circumstances this year,  the heads have got the approval to postpone the Heads elections for the next year during the face-to-face conference. We as heads don’t feel this moment as the right one for gaining more attention of our WG members with the elections preparations and online voting  (as online voting procedures is completely new to the IAMCR members). We are also planning to modify the model of our WG management before next elections.

IAMCR conference this year
As the main IAMCR conference this will be online only, our WG is preparing for an online papers session. Thank you all who submitted abstracts and/or acted as reviewers! The accepted online papers will be available at IAMCR website for all members. Please see information at https://tampere2020.iamcr.org/papers. There might be also an online presentation session. Please follow information on  https://tampere2020.iamcr.org/osp.

Best wishes and keep safe,

Anastasia Grusha, Katja Lehtisaari and Michael Meyen